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May 1

2004: Trojan Horse: After meeting with Colin MacInnis the previous day, Nathan wakes up temporarily in an unfamiliar place. Amanda and Rahne worry about him, Angelo asks Moira of she knows where he is, and Moira and Pete are angry with him.

2005: Madelyn decides she is going to date Hank, but is worried about the effect on Kurt. Clarice speaks with Amanda about parenting Meggan and bigots at work. Piers arrives at the mansion and gets ready to go to Tunisia with Domino and Anika. Hank and Dani talk about how his adoption of her child will affect their relationship. Jean tells Nate about her TP breakthrough – she projected. Growing Pains: Forge’s dad and Amanda talk; Richard also visits with Dani and they talk their shared heritage; Richard tells Jean about Forge’s original accident when he took a bomb to school. Hank talks with Scott about a change in status due to his impending fatherhood. Traitor: Terry confronts Tommy and his friends about beating up Jay. On Beltaine, Amanda takes a walk through Manuel’s mind and learns more about him and his past than she ever knew before.

2006: Operation: Opening Salvo: Remy, Pete, Wanda and Amanda rescue Romany from her kidnappers.

2007: Remix: Rahne reflects on the changes and makes food; Kurt asks the staff if anyone has an athletic bra; Mark posts a series of links about transgender issues; Tabitha and Kurt discuss their night out via email; Terry and Marie encounter each other in the gym and end up in a physical fight; Amanda visits her 'sister' and finds nothing really has changed; Cain and Haller have family time; Julio meets the female Haller and has cope failure; Clarice borrows clothes from Shiro; Doug and Marie-Ange work out the issues with their relationship given the changes; Scott and Lorna train and notice the difference in her powers; female Logan gets into a bar fight at Harry's while Cain watches. Laurie overdoses on Captain Planet. Nathan and Sooraya make alternative plans for prom. Crystal plans a prank on Forge.

2008: Operation: London Calling: In response to Amanda's weird feelings, X-Force goes to London; upon arriving, things are too quiet so the team goes to investigate; Amanda is sucked into the city and various protective avatars are released; each member of X-Force has an avatar to fight and defeat. Operation: Take A Bow: Mark has a final flashback to his escape from the Warwolves' home dimension. Marius and Tatiana discuss Prom and not other more awkward topics.

2009: Forge is scathing about Jennie's comments about men, leading to an all-out journal brawl with her. Jean-Paul comes to The Brownstone looking for Jake and runs into Morgan instead; over lunch, they talk about various things, including Cammie, and Morgan is less than impressed to hear about her poisoning Jean-Paul. Jean-Paul offers his couch to Angel for the roof. Karolina returns from Mexico, declaring her lack of swine flu and her new deal with her parents - be a team player for the rest of the semester and be allowed to return to a local high school after the summer. Jennie tries to forget things by going out dancing. Amanda suggests a night at the pub. The Mummies' Return: Monet and Kurt relax and talk over the events in Egypt, and certain feelings are made known.

2010: Jared introduces himself on the journals and in the course of comments, Kevin's relationship with Jean-Paul is outed. Artie runs into Kurt and Triscuit while out on his bike and they chat about India and Artie's schooling.

2011: Tabitha posts about being back from Europe. Jean-Paul texts Kevin about glass vibrators. Molly emails Wade trying to decipher the conversation between Kevin and Marie-Ange on the journals.

2012: Sarah V. wishes everyone a happy May 1. Doug wishes Terry happy Beltane. Angel takes trainee Sooraya on a tour of restricted areas of the sub-basement. Terry, Doug and Vance run into each other and have a few misunderstandings along the way. Kyle and Angel catch up over lunch and make travel plans.



2015: The Nowhere King: Sue gets an email from her mother, giving her a potential job. Roxy emails Warren, asking X-Factor to investigate the Russian sandwich-making fox; Marie-Ange emails X-Factor with a contact in Russia; Wade emails Warren with the same; Warren emails Arthur about going to Russia. Rachel comes across Matt in the library and Doesn’t Cope with the ‘new’ version. Megan and Julian meet for the first time, she reminding Julian of an old friend. Alison and Matt catch up after their last meeting.

2016: Bobbi mentions an NSFW song about the First of May. Miles and Bobby have an awkward roommate encounter in the way that only teenage boys can.

2017: Laurie posts about her need for a tiny baby pig cooling itself in mud. Bobbi cooks Warren a meal of Kraft Mac and Cheese, and deeply unimpressed he posts to the journals only to find most people aren’t impressed with his disdain.