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May 14: Johnny Storm and Doreen Green's birthdays

2003: X2, Nightcrawler joins the X-Men, Jean is killed.

2004: Moira and Nathan fly to the UK to check out Muir Island, and spend time with the Pack.

2005: Cain gives Nate a pre-wedding pep talk. Forge alters a dress for Catseye to wear. Halfway around the world, Jake and Remy are on their stakeout and offer a toast to the happy couple. Moira and Nathan get married! Haroun and Domino have trouble being civil with one another at the reception. After his encounter with Domino, Haroun has a drink but Alison finds him and makes him feel better. Nathan thanks Lorna for her help with the catering (with a trip to Anguilla) and she explains the meaning behind the bottle of wine Remy sent. Madelyn and Kurt talk for the first time since their argument. Nate is now a Kinross and talks to Haroun about what that means to him. Nate (along with Gavin, Isabel, Ani and Ian) call Chris Cole at Alison’s suggestion. Stigmata: Paige continues her slip into deep depression and retreats to her room while the other guests celebrate at the reception; trying to rid herself of bruises, she husks, but each skin pulled off leaves more bruises beneath. Amanda talks with Lorna about their mutual concern for Remy.

2006: Bleeding: Marius collapses while jogging; he is discovered by Marie-Ange. Full Metal Mutants: Shiro, Clarice, and Leyu go to Japan for a wedding and encounter the Hand.

2007: Tabitha encounters a frozen Monet in the kitchen. Laurie asks for permission to be a medlab helper. Nathan and Moira's anniversary - Cain makes sure they spend some time together. Ahab (plot): Charles announces the students are back, and may look somewhat altered; Haller and Charles go into the students' minds and begins the work of repairing the damage; Forge visits Kyle; Marius and Jennie announce they're not ready for visitors. Lorna announces a picnic lunch. Amanda and Sarah talk, and the relationship with Logan is revealed. Forge and Crystal talk about the car prank.

2008: Bedlam: Amanda is wakened by garbage collectors; Angelo finds Amanda's birthday pendant in a pawn shop and lets X-Force know; Emma directs Adrienne to go to London to see what she can find out; Amanda has a vision in passing traffic. Jay emails Terry to let her know about Kevin and emails Kevin to check how he is; things go badly as Kevin tells him they can't be friends. Laurie hates her English poetry class. Yvette invites Kevin to have lunch with her and won't take no for an answer. John and Jennie bond over cigarettes. Gene Nation (plot): Sarah and Remy uncover something strange happening in the old Morlock Tunnels; Sarah is ambushed by Gene Nation; Ororo, leaving the brownstone, is accosted by Callisto, who tells her of the trouble Sarah is in; Ororo warns Remy, and he discovers David Langstrom is involved in what might become another Morlock Massacre; while Callisto and Ororo go into the tunnels to save Sarah, Remy tracks down Langstrom and takes on the Gambit persona in order to save Gene Nation; Ororo fights Bezerker for the control of Gene Nation and wins, offering the mutants sanctuary at the mansion; Ororo offers Callisto a job at the school.

2009: Rappaccini's Daughter: Jake wakes up to some disturbing sensations from his missing arm; Jake goes to tell Remy what's been going on, and then visits Amanda for help sleeping. Julian surprises Doreen with birthday wishes, and several gifts. Laurie awakens to a phone call from Morgan and some difficult discussion ensues. Doreen talks to her little brother, things don't go well; later on Jean-Paul runs into Doreen on the way to classes and offers her some comforting words; Doreen calls her brother again, and this time things go better; Doreen meets Johnny out back and the two of them play a game in order to take her mind off her Dad; Doreen's father hangs up on her, causing her to go feral in reaction; Callie walks in on her roommate and tries to calm her down, to no avail; Callie runs into Kyle on her way to find one of the RA's, he tells her to raise the alarm while he goes off to find Doreen; Callie eventually finds Dani and lets her know what's going on; Kyle manages to track down Doreen, but has some trouble getting her to come down out of the trees until she slips and hits her head, shocking herself back to rationality; Kyle drops her off in Medlab; Jean and Doreen talk about what set her off, and Jean gives her some helpful advice; Doreen talks to Xavier, who lets her know that everything will be okay; Kyle posts to x_staff asking if Doreen is all right. Jake texts JP asking him if he's coming over. Jean-Paul visits Jake, and then spends the night. Callie brings Doreen some birthday cake.

2010: Megan sends Lorna a request to bake a birthday cake for Doreen's party. Nico gets in touch with Doreen after her surprise party. Artie seeks Tabitha out for a quick chat about the New Mutants, and later makes a journal post informing everyone of his decision to rejoin the New Mutants.

2011: Operation: зимний солдат: Jubilee posts in Snow Valley from Europe saying she met up with Sarah and giving the team an update on North, saying she should return to the US tonight; Amanda and Ororo meet a contact from the Russian embassy to get information on the destruction of the number station North was using to report in; Doug posts to Snow Valley to update everyone, and requests help from everyone not busy to look into things further; Marie-Ange posts to Snow Valley to inform them her, Amanda, and Wanda are going to Russia, and asks Sarah to meet them there. Artie e-mails Hank requesting a portable text-to-speech synthesizer of some sort. Wade e-mails Matt about arranging a trip to the cemetery that afternoon. Angelo e-mails Haller about Molly's parents being in the Brotherhood. Amara and Callie get their moving underway, thanks to some help from the guys. Megan e-mails Dori to wish her a happy birthday. A busy Doug still remembers to e-mail Dori to wish her a happy birthday.

2012: Kyle berates Sarah V., Maddie and Layla for the chicken prank, insisting they'll be cleaning up and Korvus actually gets a joke. Yvette wishes Dori a happy birthday. Wade texts Maddie to let her know he has new locks for her to work on her lock picking skills with. Doug announces the cancellation of CSI: Miami with a .gif. Sooraya warns people she'll be practicing her powers by navigating through the ventilation system.

2013: Clarice makes a journal entry about being ready to graduate and asking for help with something to wear. Jean made a journal entry to remind people she’s taking a personal day, also reminding students to hand in their assignments by tomorrow. Billy posts the definition of tyromancy for Amanda.

2015: Wade leaves Dori a $200.00 Visa gift card and two packages of every kind of nut available for purchase in various stores around New York City for her birthday. Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown: Kevin posts to X-Force about a pair of mysterious robberies of very specific artifacts that they’re asked to look into by Christian Kane. Clint stops in at Hooligan's on the off chance that Billy might show up, and he does. Wade and Megan meet in the garage. Angel and Rachel catch up with each other in the Danger Room.

2016: At the local drive in theater Molly and Rogue eat a lot of food. Bad pickup lines, public lewdness, and shoes make for a perfect Saturday for Clarice. Meggan makes a journal entry saying goodbye to everyone on behalf of Korvus. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry about the American coverage of Eurovision. Endangered Species: Miles and Bobby show Rahne, Nica, and Amara around Manhattan, but their trip is stopped short; mecha-suited Rhino, Beetle, and Vulture arrive, and Spider-Man and Generation X come to the rescue; Spider-Man takes the Rhino one on one; Nica and Bobby battle the Vulture; Rahne and Amara stop the Beetle; The battle is won, but Generation X is not happy to learn who their secret ally actually is; Miles apologises to Nica and Bobby for keeping his superhero life a secret. Logan makes a journal entry about being glad he doesn’t travel often with the new TSA stuff.

2017: Kurt finds Topaz coming back from a run, and the two chat. Kitty posts about Mother’s Day. Case File: Cat Scratch Fever: Sue and Lorna go to visit Randy Bush in jail, trying to find out more about his son, then visit his mother; Quentin, Alex, and Hope track down Collin’s friends; Alex posts about searching Central Park for Collin. Reed and Kurt meet outside and have an illuminating conversation.

2018: Jubilee ponders nail polish colours. Topaz and Clint experiment on the ways magic interacts with technology. Natasha texts Clint about keeping an eye out for small comforts for the chapel. Johnny asks Sue about surfing possibilities. Generation X: Demon Bear: After studying the dagger from the bear incident at the school, Amanda consults with Sharon, Topaz and Maya and the decision is made to take it to Maya’s grandfather for safekeeping.