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May 22


2004: Nathan says goodbye to Domino, GW, and Theo. Jamie conspires an ice cream outing with Alison. Dr. Stephen Strange e-mails his concerns about Amanda to Charles, Moira, Pete, Romany and Manuel, and Moira goes to speak with her about it. Later, Moira and Nathan talk about the good parts of Muir Island.

2005: Betsy and Dani meet for the first time. Hank and Scott are finally able to clear the air and argue their way to understanding each other.

2006: Broken Stone: Scott and Terry go to New York to pick up a new student, but it does not go smoothly.

2007: Laurie posts about fish nibbling her toes. Sofia emails Nathan to see if he's alive and they arrange lunch. Ororo mentions predictions of a busier-than-usual hurricane season expected. Mondo meets Jan and discovers he does actually have hormones.

2008: Emma emails Adrienne, unhappy at the slip about Amanda; Emma warns X-Force not to trust Adrienne with anything confidential. Clarice meets Callisto and they have a clash of personal philosophies. Laurie emails Nathan, asking where Kevin might be as he's missed meditation sessions with her. Nathan talks with Ororo about the Jay and Kevin situation.

2009: Red X Mission: Dangerous Load: Angel gets a call from a local fire captain, asking for the mansion's assistance with a rail accident involving a freight train and a passenger train; Angel alerts the mansion; Lil drags Cammie along to help; Clarice recruits Fred; Jean-Paul acts as transport for injured victims to the local hospital; Catseye and Lil search for missing members of a school field trip; Fred and Cammie help rescue the freight train crew; Yvette gets Fred to help her rescue a guide dog trapped under a carriage; Forge guides Jay in uncoupling the remaining propane tanks from the freight train; Callie uses her powers to clear a patch of poison ivy so Kyle can evacuate passengers safely; Crystal gives Inez the Red X pep talk; Julian, Nathan, John, Angel and Crystal work together to burn off the spilled propane safely; Callie brings Julian a drink after his efforts; John steps in when Jay finds it difficult to deal with a frightened passenger; after returning to the mansion, Julian goes to bed early and Fred is freaked out. Marie thanks Garrison for her birthday present. Marie-Ange takes Amanda work clothes shopping.

2010: Dungeons and Derangements: Several of the New Mutants - Dori, Julian, Nick, Catseye, Artie, Megan, Klara, Meggan and Yvette - play Dungeons and Dragons in the library, only to find themselves caught up in a realistic magical illusion as the Staff of One gets involved; the group find themselves at an inn, with no Staff and variously changed to become their characters; Nico finds out the Staff is likely to be in a local dragon's hoarde and the group decides to go retrieve it; Julian and Nick argue on the way to the dragon's cave, leaving it to their girlfriends to be sensible; at the cave, the group is separated and each one faces a test before they can regroup with the others; in the dragon's lair, Yvette accidentally wakes the dragon sleeping under its hoarde and the group does battle, Nick being killed while protecting Julian; Nico retrieves the Staff and stops the spell, with all of them discovering they never left the library at all, Nick is alive and no time has passed.

2011: Afterlife: Meggan announces she is going into town to see a movie and browse through a second hand store and invites the other New Mutants; in the second hand store, Nico attempts a spell to discover more about the previous owners of items, but it fails.

2012: The Unwritten Alliance: John posts to his journal to let everyone know he's dropping Angelo's dog off with Angelo's mother, and he'll be back in time for the mission; Jubilee and Nico infiltrate Genosha as part of a Japanese tourist group; Marie-Ange and Vanessa sneak into Genosha on a cruise ship; Doug and Emma head for Genosha Hellfire Club-style; The prison escapees - Jean-Paul, Sooraya, Artie, Fred and Megan - find each other in the city and try to figure out their next move.

2013: Maddie is feeling homesick cause her parents missed her first prom so Angel comforts her.

2014: Jubilee makes a journal entry about Danger Mouse and sharing a clip from it.

2015: Gabriel posts a cryptic comment about how life sucks, people realize it’s about Clint. Cecilia lets the medical staff know to be especially patient with Namor. Amanda is finally over the side effects of her mission and lets people know she is just catching up. Adrienne sends Matt an e-mail telling him about fight club and offering to sponsor him there. Amanda runs into Billy for the first time and gets to know the Frankenberry Cat version of her old student. Clarice and Jean make up after their argument several weeks earlier. Amanda lets Topaz know about new Billy and Namor and offers to listen if she needs to talk. She then asks the teams about Namor and Clint, asking what the story is. Clint decides to organize a Memorial Day fair for the mansionites. Adrienne and Clint meet at the archery range and discuss plans for Memorial Day.

2016: Topaz texts Maya asking her if she feels that she needs to get out more often too. Endangered Species:Doctor Octopus has to placate his displeased benefactors.

2017: Hope sends out a message to the XFI network requesting for help regarding a report about some anti-mutant graffiti scrawled on a store window. Alex and Lorna decide to check it out.

2018: Wanda recruits Natasha to X-Force with donuts and flattery.