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May 3

2004: Trojan Horse: Nathan returns, and is greeted by Moira, Amanda, Pete, and Angelo. After Illyana reintroduces herself, she and Amanda have a chat. That night, Amanda and Marie-Ange bond over glasses of red wine. Angelo starts planning a trip to Boston to visit Shinobi and Sarah.

2005: Growing Pains: Forge asks permission from Nate to use Askani technology in his prosthetics – they agree and even offer to consult with him. Stigmata: Scott checks on Paige, who stays calm due to Manuel’s influence; Scott still senses all is not well and insists she get checked out.

2006: Marie continues to meet various mansion residents. X-Men Mission: Haunted House: A strange occurrence at the Friends of Humanity headquarters draws the X-Men’s attention.

2007: Remix: Ororo emails Remy about her 'condition' and he takes it remarkably well; Amanda offers Angelo a dress for prom and sends him the pink frilly one left in her closet as a prank; Jennie goes down to the medlab for painkillers and is freaked by Scott and Jean; Pietro asks Wanda for help; Jean takes Scott shopping for prom wear; Marie and Cyndi go to Silver and confuse Mark; Wanda asks Alex if he wants help with makeup for the prom. Mark announces he has been hired as the DJ for prom. Crystal meets Remy on Muir Island and they talk about various things, including her doing powers training with Sofia.

2008: Bedlam: Amanda continues to wander the city, confused and caught up in an elaborate fairy tale version of her history. Crystal reminds Forge of the prom.

2009: Jake comes across Jubilee detoxing and they have a rather honest conversation; Jubilee invites people to breakfast at 5 a.m. Monet and Kurt wake up on the couch and decide on breakfast; Monet asks for a driver, as she isn't allowed to drive and Kurt isn't licenced, and she doesn't want to 'port. Fred gets an A on his history paper and Sam suggests he tutor Catseye. Scott and Jean-Paul test out the roof couch and chat about recent events. Doreen mourns the fact a favourite cartoon is ending and Julian watches it with her. Tabitha emails Lil about hiding from Prom and finds out Lil is actually going. Jay and Dani have a quiet dinner for two and talk about the changes in their lives. Fred is accosted by the Stepfords who taunt him about his mutation, before Nathan steps in and offers to teach him meditation to deal with the pain. Monet and Jake share chocolate, beer and opinions on their jobs. Cammie is intrigued by a Flash game and Julian warns her about possible repercussions. Julian meets Dani and gets a bit freaked out when she talks about her powers.

2010: Kevin emails Yvette, apologising for not telling her about relationship with Jean-Paul in person. Meggan gets a visit from Kurt, during day one of her two days of enforced bed rest. Yvette e-mails Angel about going out for ice cream after her e-mail from Kevin. Kurt gives Cammie a lesson in cheating at cards, and then Nico comes by and they talk about the Staff of One and choices. Amanda resurfaces, informing people she isn't quite dead after her previous fun on the journals. Jan posts about Cinco de Mayo. Laurie visits Jean-Paul to change his dressings, give him a healing boost with her powers and feed him soup.

2011: Jubilee posts a link to an VNV Nation song for herself and a picture of her latest Ninja Crochet project (a chicken) for Doug. Nico and Julian test her powers control with sex, but Nico loses control and drains Julian; Jean intercedes and takes both teens to the medlab; Amanda posts to the x_snowvalley comm about something being wrong at the mansion; Jean and Amanda discuss the situation and about doing what they can to help Nico; Jean and Amanda go to see Nico, in time to talk her down from running away. Wade and Matt play checkers together, have a misunderstanding and then manage to talk through it to a point where Matt learns to respect the other man.

2012: Wade congratulates Catseye and Meggan with their success in their hotwiring lessons. He also posts about having been challenged by Lorna to eat all leftovers. Angel asks Wade for a ride once he is done eating all those leftovers. Laurie tries to convince Kyle to play a game of laser tag with her.

2013: Wade checks that Marie-Ange doesn’t have any work plans. Tandy texts Sue, Maddie and Hope about going prom dress shopping. Clint texts Maddie about not realizing Tandy was waiting for an actual invitation to prom. Sarah celebrates No Pants Day. Sarah also posts about Star Wars Day on May 4. Sarah runs into Topaz and freaks her out just a wee bit with her May 4th excitement. Angel and Lorna talk about Lorna's newly found lineage.

2014: Cecilia posts about wanting to hide. Jean posts about Hope being in the Medlab. Matt posts about recognizing Longshot. Kyle posts about the same.

2015: Hope comes back and she is concerned about Topaz’s way of not-coping and they fight; Amanda tracks down Topaz and tries to comfort her, as much as she can; Amanda texts Marie-Ange to let her know Topaz is crashing with them again. Wade comes across Xavin and offers food. Haller stops by for a check up with Cecilia and she discovers his lack of affect. Felicia makes an instagram post about her Sunday brunch. Wade asks Gabriel for a pick-up, much to his confusion. The Nowhere King: Clint encounters Sue Storm in the pizzeria at Barrow, Alaska and texts Matt about it.

2016: Miles outlines his killer AP exam schedule; later he posts a .gif of R2D2 to sum up how he feels after the physics exam.

2017: Miles posts cheering that he only has 1 AP exam left this semester. Tandy texts Topaz asking her to meet her in town for a coffee.

2018: Laurie considers the ethics versus the morality of rejecting mutant blood. Xavin talks to Jean about becoming a trainee.