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May 31

2003: Haroun arrives. Scott and Alison arrange a trip to the amusement park.

2004: Domino berates Amanda over e-mail, and Doug, Nathan, and Moira offer her comfort after Manuel reveals the origin of her scars. Nathan and Doug also contact Manuel about them. Marie-Ange has enough with Doug’s poor self-esteem, but they reconcile quickly. Nathan signs up Monet for one of his classes, has a heartfelt conversation about his past with Moira, and mourns his fallen comrades.

2005: Lorna takes Alex to Anguilla for the vacation given to her by Nate and Moira. Kitty and Jamie make Paige a care package. During a session with Nate, Manuel tries and fails to understand why his actions can set off a chain of emotional events; during the session, Manuel has a minor fit which shows Nate why he is having so much trouble.

2006: Scott and Jean have a fight. Sanctuary: Nathan, Rahne and Angelo go to Central America. The Rictor Effect: Magneto shows up in Mexico.

2007: Voodoo Child: Amanda posts that the mini-bus run will still go ahead on Saturday, despite exodus to Vegas. Crystal anticipates her last week at Xavier's. Monet and Clarice plot their fashion empire.

2008: Zemo: The Enchantress kidnaps Marius, Shiro, Angel, Jubilee and John from the mansion; the kidnapping fries Amanda's protective wards and Forge raises the alarm from security footage and the school is locked down; Remy reports the kidnappees have been found and gather a strike force of X-Force and X-Men to rescue them; at the United Nations, the Security Council receives a communication from Zemo, stating he will tear the earth apart with his Thermal Gigantinator; Manuel is sarcastic about the security of the mansion; the rescue team manages to free their people and destroy the Doom Fortress, but Zemo's fate is uncertain. Bishop and Crystal meet and have a very short and awkward conversation.

2009: X-Men Mission: Fifth Column: The three X-Men teams launch their raids against the Preserver hideouts, but discover it's an ambush; Nathan, Forge and Lil find themselves defending the Center alone; Angel and Scott are on comms duty when news of multiple explosions in Budapest breaks; Angelo, Jennie and Clarice deal with one ambush; Zanne and Haller work together to bring Amara's powers under control; Kurt and Monet nearly come off the worst against a pyrokinetic and a sonic boom projector; Jean and Logan manage to take down their oppositition, but not without collateral damage; Forge encounters Amber Hunt and outsmarts her but finds himself against Tara Trask; Lil and Nate try to evacuate the school safely, but Lil is convinced there is a traitor in their midst feeding information due to Trask's powers and Nathan has to choose between letting Trask go and taking out Lil; regrouping at the hospital, Jennie tells Nate about her condition but they are interrupted by more news from Lakatos, who has heard from Tanya Callery that Trask intends to destroy the parliament building in the wake of the chaos; Nate and Jean come up with a plan; Nate has to talk Lil into returning to the fray in the wake of Trask's manipulations; Clarice gives Lakatos a pep talk about not taking the traitor, the secretary of education who set things up, down just yet to avoid alerting Trask; T'Challa visits Ororo in hospital; Forge works out who the traitor is and sends Amara, Zanne and Angelo to collect him; the secretary of education is captured, but not without a fight that leaves Angelo and Zanne unconscious; Callery's cover is blown and Trask takes steps; Nathan and Jean attack the warehouse, Nathan and his firebird going for mass destruction and Jean rescuing Callery and doing a bit of damage of her own, physically and psychically; Logan, Lil and Clarice mop up the remaining Perservers and Trask's 'Askani'; Haller surprises Trask herself, telepathically holding her, but is ambushed by Carly Alvarez; Lil saves Peter Lakatos from crossfire; Nathan encounters Alvarez about to shoot Haller and hits her with the Trojan Horse, taking her down; in the clean-up, Jean is confronted by one of Trask's fanatics, calling her traitor; Clarice helps out with first aid and is amused by protective Hungarian SWAT members; Nathan checks on Zanne, Angelo and Haller in the hospital; Lil helps Peter relax; Scott posts a preliminary report to the team comm; Nathan texts Amanda to let her know Angelo's all right. Pas de Trois: Fred tries to cheer Julian up but it results in Julian going up to the roof with his bottle of 'borrowed' booze; Doreen finds a hungover Julian on the roof and helps him clean up; Kyle comes back, finds the tree and is Not Happy about Julian; Callie seeks out Julian and forgives him for his earlier remarks and tries to be positive; Angel asks Scott for trainee distraction; Kyle uses a stud finder to terrorise Julian into laking himself. Amanda discovers Doug is part of the Hellfire Club and is less than impressed.

2010: Laurie sends Jean-Paul an e-mail about Kyle and to ask if he's interested to help her bake next Saturday. Kyle makes a journal post complaining about his knee injury and admitting he was an idiot the day before. Catseye drops by Jean-Paul's room to discuss ancient mythology.

2011: My Long Forgotten Son: Artie visits Annalee again and she is disturbed to hear about the less-safe elements of his life at the mansion. Kevin gives Nico a panda hoodie. Aftershocks: Bishop announces on the x_factoragency comm that they've been hired to investigate one of the 'two strike murders' victims and that they need to work fast before the FBI get involved; Vanessa emails Doug to ask him to hack the NYPD database for information on the killings; Doug produces, with a note that all of the victims were actually mutants; Vanessa asks Doug and Amanda to use their respective talents to try and track the killer. Jean announces assignments to gain finals bonuses.

2012: Kyle helps Cammie remove her skin suit and ends up throwing up. Stemming the Tide: Polaris contacts the Professor reporting that they had arrived at the camp; the group has finally reached the refugee camp where they are given tours and stories are exchange; Marius and Molly meet a refugee child called Zoe and they are given a tour of where they will be staying and end up talking about bugs and powers; Wanda, Meggan and a refugee woman called Miranda talk about Genosha. Step By Step: Sooraya attempts to make some hot food to improve morale and she and Jean talk; Jean, Garrison, Angelo and Bishop meet with Russell Davis, who tells them that two popular members of Mutant Affairs Commission may be persuaded to speak out against the Genoshan government if they're provided with evident of mutant mistreatment; Nico, Sooraya, and Artie break into the Genoshan administration office to access the computer filing system, noting mutants who have been 're-assigned' living quarters out of the enclave, but never show up in other enclaves; they also find suspicious support requirements in isolated locations outside of the city; Sam and Callisto fly over a mining site to video some mutant mistreatment; Maddie, Jean-Paul and John break into the Genoshan Power Authority building in the city and make some discoveries about operations in the geothermal power plant; back from their intel gathering missions, the group shares what they've learned, but their safe house is found out by the Magistrates and they're forced to scatter. The Unrelenting Struggle: Adrienne and North do a little impromptu weapons training; Kurt and Ororo help Jenny cope with the burdens of leadership; Kurt offers to spar with Kyle to help distract him, though audience participation winds up shifting the focus when Layla wants to learn stuff; North decides to test a developing hypothesis on Layla who does not seem to be what she thinks she is. In The Balance: Clarice is interrogated and she talks, but it is not truthful or serious; Remy is interrogated and an offer is presented; Lex begins with the good cop routine and frustrates his interrogator; Haller is questioned and his mental state causes an attempt to medicate him; his responses provoke a rather strange reaction; Marie-Ange is next and is very cooperative; Haller unexpectedly finds himself in his second interrogation of the day, facing Magistrate Braddock.

2013: Hope emails Lorna, asking for a recommendation for a cooking school. Molly helps Matt get ready for prom. Matt and Hope have dinner before prom and discuss the summer, the future and how Matt actually handles some of his classes. At the prom, Hope and Matt dance the night away. While chaperoning the senior prom, Garrison and Adrienne discuss prom dates, first crushes, and Garrison's undercover work. Then Garrison faces off against some teenage boys over Adrienne's honour. Lorna texts Wanda to meet up. Kyle posts about Muenster cheese. Sarah V. posts about being tired and missing Layla. Sarah talks out her crankiness with Kurt following their fencing lesson.

2014: Topaz e-mails Amanda asking for details about her guardianship and Taboo. Tandy thanks Matt for taking her to Prom.

2015: Felicia texts Warren bemoaning her age. Miles texts Warren to make sure he's still up for dinner with his parents. Hope catches up with CJ Ward. Warren and Miles go to dinner with Miles' family to discuss Warren giving Miles a job as his social media guru.

2016: Stephen and Clea have lunch and talk about girls and cooties. Rahne posts about wanting a pool party for her birthday.


2018: Matt asks for song recommendations. Marie-Ange complains about ravens.