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May 6



2004: Moira reminds the students that the staff is available for finals help. Angelo e-mails Amanda and Paige about Manuel. After an angry IM conversation with Domino, Nathan forwards the log with Colin MacInnis from the previous week to Pete. Nathan decides to flush his happy pills, which neither Moira nor Amanda appreciates. He also talks to Manuel about his pissing contest with Angelo. After classes, Amanda and Jubilee snark, and later Warren takes out Amanda for a flight.

2005: Nate talks with Marie-Ange after her first Danger Room session. Amanda decides its time she learns to drive. Jubilee and Kitty are concerned about Paige and decide to form SOG (Suitemates of Guthries) as a forum to discuss their concerns about her and all the Guthrie siblings.

2006: Betsy and Haller have a date in London. Ororo and Logan have a date in New York. Nate offers Rahne a job as a research assistant with Elpis.

2007: Remix: Garrison returns from Canada to discover a strange man in Marie's room, who then turns into Marie as the effect wears off. Forge discovers his car in the barn, covered in brightly-coloured decals which peel off; John helps him and the two make a deal. Logan emails Sarah and the two meet to discuss things, and they wind up agreeing to the mutual attraction. Rahne has an unpleasant encounter at the animal shelter she volunteers at, and needs rabies shots. Pietro emails Crystal, congratulating her on her prank prowess.

2008: Angel asks Scott if she can bring one of the guys from the fire station to prom; Terry offers to take those needing shopping to the mall. Bedlam: Amanda is thrown out of an all-night cafe for drawing on the walls. Jan resigns from the team because she is failing her classes.

2009: Crystal posts from Sweden, the latest stop on the Laurie Collins World Tour. Callie wishes for finals to be over. Dani and Jean-Paul meet and get to know each other better over pool. Johnny asks Jean-Paul for a lift to his mother's grave on Mother's Day. Garrison gets stuck working late and later meets up with Wanda for drinks; in the middle of having sex with Adrienne, Jake's arm disappears and she freaks out, remembering Garrison losing his arm and she flees; Adrienne runs into Garrison, leaving Wanda's apartment after hooking up, and she blames him for everything, resulting in a fight; Morgan gets Adrienne to calm down and tells her to apologise to Jake; Adrienne apologises, but the damage is done and Jake suggests they not date any more; Morgan sends Jean-Paul a cryptic text about the incident.

2010: Jared e-mails Jean-Phillipe wanting some company as he feels a bit adrift. Amara finally catches up with Angelo to get her tour of Elpis and she is very impressed. A Brother's Protection: Hank and Kurt arrive at the steel mill and find it surprisingly sparsely guarded for a stronghold; Kurt teleports in to save Natalie, and is surprised by the ease of everything; things are thrown into question by two voices passing by; Kurt later returns to the mansion with Natalie, and are met by a very relieved Nick.

2011: Kevin gives Meggan a tour of the boathouse and she expresses an interest in pottery. Jean visits Amanda at work to ask about magic and power sources; that evening, Warren drops by Amanda's place to check on her.

2012: Laurie posts about a game of laser tag around the mansion and she got scolded by a broom for walking across the hallway. Clarice posts about her semester having ended and having cleared out her wardrobe. Scott and Kyle meet up in the garage and talk class, Halloween costumes and thirteen year old's dreams. Wade gives compliments to Nico for her brooms and boombox tricks.

2013: Following the interruption of her date with Sue, Maddie emails Marie-Ange to ask her to get Wade and Doug to stop ruining her life; revenge is hatched. Billy lets Maddie and Clint know the boy he likes from the play wants to go to the prom with him. Artie asks Remy for a job with X-Force and on top of the usual non-encouraging talk, discovers Remy’s role in the Morlock Massacre. Tandy announces her summer job as an assistant to an independent film director filming in New York. After being kicked in the shins by Marie-Ange, Doug emails Wade to warn him. Marie-Ange wants this and is very happy when Emma makes it so.

2014: Tandy mentions that if anyone sees her with a video camera and filming them to pay no mind to her. Marie-Ange posts that Eurovision Finals are this weekend and that her cousin is hosting a party and everyone is invited. Cecilia visits Hope in the medlab and feels guilty about not being able to prevent her being washed away by the tsunami.


2015: Alison introduces herself on the journals. Sooraya and Cecilia go out for lunch after Sooraya gets back from Washington. Lorna texts Sue about messing with Warren’s phone. Xavin and Illyana meet as suitemates for the first time. Warren texts Lorna and Felicia about moving into a suite near to them. Amanda emails Kurt and Meggan about finding the Szardos clan. Clint texts Rachel. Jean-Phillipe takes Xavin out for the afternoon.

2016: Jubilee brings home a scary-looking ceramic statue and gives Stephen Ideas. Maya posts a You Tube video.

2017: Reed and Garrison spend some time in the Danger Room working on his powers, leaving Reed all wrapped up. Maya posts about a link about the Fyre Festival being mixed with the Ball Pit from DashCon. Alex emails Amanda to let her know that he and Lorna had examined her rock but they had found nothing special about it. Topaz texts Tandy steaming after Tandy had tried to set her up on a blind date; later, Topaz vents to Darcy. Angelo and Angel go out into town to talk about the newspaper until they get interrupted by a bunch of bigots, it doesn’t go well for the bigots.

2018: Alex texts Lorna about a hiking trip next weekend. Amanda wonders where Topaz is. Wade asks where Gabriel is. Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum: The group finally gets to Illyana’s garden, and encounter Carnage; Warren and Rahne protect Illyana, while Miles, Amadeus, Topaz, and Gabriel fight Carnage; after two forms of Carnage, Illyana takes out Carnage 2.0 and gets them all home. Amanda confronts Topaz about draining Gabriel’s emotions, and Topaz blows her off. Miles texts Ganke about his crazy weekend. Rahne freaks out about Carnage goo in her hair. Marie-Ange texts Felicia about Rahne’s hair emergency; Reed wonders if walking away from the angry Scot with the scissors was a good idea. Gabriel emails Snow Valley to call out sick. He then texts Clarice about dehydration. Topaz emails Gabriel to apologize for draining his emotions, and offers help if he needs it. Tandy posts about the first week of her food bank being a success. Bobbi takes Alex to the gun range for some training.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Dweller!Tandy makes a discovery; Marie-Ange posts about the Met Gala and finding feathers on her shoe rack. Clint texts Felicia with an… interesting “would you rather”.