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November 7

2003: Crimson Dawn: Nathaniel Essex is removed from his position by Charles Xavier and escorted out of the school.

2004: Sarah decides to leave the school. Betsy is discovered unconscious in her room as a result of her link with Alison. Kyle discovers he he has a healing factor.

2005: One-Eyed King: Scott, Jean, Alex and Moira return to the school. Terry tells Bobby what happened with Manuel.

2006: Crystal is confused (and offended) when Forge tries to pay her for her volunteer duties. The Gates: Smichov erupts into violence; Elpis does what it can to help the wounded and protect people; the X-Men are unable to intervene and heated debate breaks out on the boards; some of the residents go to the local Red Cross centre to help, others argue more direct action should be taken; Sooraya seeks reassurance and gets it from Tommy. Lorna accuses Haller of telling Amelia Voght about her resurgence of anorexia, leading to her being benched from the team.

2007: Thirteen Days: Charles meets with the President and finds that the space laser was the result of maverick elements within the Russian government who have since been exposed. Terry complains about losing study time. Angelo asks for his text books back, and proves he's not concussed any more.

2008: Jane talks about having rocks thrown at her during Red X work in New York. Nori tracks down Kevin to ask him about Karolina's sexuality.

2009: Yvette comes across Callie in the kitchen and tries to find out if she's okay.

2010: The Gift: During their birthday outing in Salem Center for Nico, Amanda and her student fall into a trap set by Nico's parents; Nico faces down her father and wins, while Amanda tangles with Nico's mother and manages to counter the lack of a power source with bastard fighting tricks; Nico overloads and Amanda calls in Kurt for a pick up once the Minorus flee.

2011: Clarice and Warren go out for drinks to catch up, flirt and plan their wedding. Callie posts about Awesome Women in Science for Marie Curie's birthday. Wade makes a journal entry about his awesome new hat and laments the wait for Girl Scout Cookie season.

2012: Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules: The Inner Circles of the Hellfire Club Courts convene with the Lords Cardinal via video conferencing and evidence presented by the Red Rook is laid out against the Blue Queen and the Black King, showing that they are attempting a plot against the Blue King, which leads to the decision of conducting a formal review.


2014: While out after going to the opera, Jean and Rogue go for a drink. Things don't go as planned. Rogue posts to the journals about these events


2016: Miles posts about having sent in his early decision college application for Columbia. Clint emails Everett, Kyle, Topaz and Matt about starting a new team. Alison posts about her new look.

2017: Alex and Dom go skateboarding.

2018: Logan and Rogue make plans to head into the city to attend a beer and cheese event.