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October 17


2003: Paige wakes up.

2004: Amanda and Kitty make amends over Illyana. Nathan, Angelo and Paige return from a successful mission in LA. Jubilee emails Charles about becoming a trainee X-Man.

2005: Marius wakes up and Moira tests her theory that he needs to feed on mutants to survive. With Malice Aforethought: Catseye visits Forge in feline form and he makes a decision to not keep secrets any more; Forge meets Marius; Jean deals with the ghost of Malice, stuck in Lorna's head; Jay visits Forge and finds him in a less than serene state - they fight; Moira eventually releases Forge from the medlab, assuring him he still has a place as her student. Scott meets Marius. Scott and Jean reluctantly agree to postpone the wedding. Moira makes enquiries about getting a personal helicopter or plane to commute between the school and Muir Island Research Facility more easily.

2006: Ororo fires Logan as a teacher - no-one is happy about the situation. Scott and Forge play chess. Amanda and Mark have dinner and he tells her a little about his personal history. Sooraya encounters Nathan having a loud, Elpis-related disagreement on the phone. Crystal offers to help repair the gym doors. Jennie has a productive therapy session with Dr. Leonard Samson.

2007: Medusa asks Pietro to come to Attilan to consult on security issues; Pietro informs Scott of his impending absence. Jono announces daily jam sessions in the music room. Laurie mentions she's having nightmares.

2008: Callie gets chicken pox and is confined to the infirmary. Meggan announces her return. Here Comes Tomorrow: Garrison announces the New Mutants camping trip and reminds Karolina and Nori the trip is mandatory; arriving at the campsite, the girls find themselves having to work together to put up their tents. Scott runs Marie through her paces in the Danger Room and asks for her help in training the younger X-Men.

2009: Wanda invites people to her apartment through her journal, asking them to come for breakfast. Catseye informs everyone via journal that she has her own room now. Adrienne meets Bobby at Harry's to watch the Yankees/Angels game and the two discuss his return and the Red Sox.

2010: Angelo and Kyle watch football and indulge in a bit of guy talk about their girlfriends, ex and current.

2011: Remy and Ororo take a side trip to get a few things for their apartment on a trip that takes them a little further away than IKEA. Terry and Wade meet over cookies. Kyle SMSs Dori about skipping out early on the dance for the baseball. Lalya is very sad about the fact that other people ate all the cookies Jean-Paul made before she got any. Matt posts about the cookies. Sam emails Jean, thanking her for the updates on Vanessa. Operation: Dasavatharam: Amanda, Wanda and Doc Strange learn about Agatha Harkness's links to the cult and discover that Agatha is missing; Amanda posts about the madness of calling any trip to England a "simple" research trip.

2012: Adrienne posts announcing a baseball viewing party in the common room for the evening. Matt posts asking Kyle to look over drafts of his college essays. Amanda visits Angelo and they talk about Africa and Jean-Phillipe.


2014: Gabriel texts Clint about Halloween at the mansion. Doug texts Wade asking for a ride to the mansion. Amanda and Adrienne catch up over drinks and Adrienne reads the staff Namor brought back from the caves the year before. Higher Than Hope: Hope finally finds a chance to try and escape; the X-Men come to the rescue, with Cyclops and Firestar engaging the Archduke, while the rest of the team looks for the girls and fights Holocaust's followers; Professor Xavier posts letting people know about Hope's and Laurie's rescue. Topaz leaves Hope a basket of things to keep herself entertained while she's bed-bound.


2015: Wade texts Laurie teasing her with information. Maya posts asking if anyone is watching The Enfield Haunting. The Zodiac: Leo: Kevin texts Domino saying Christian Kane wants to see them in Baltimore; Kevin and Dom meet with Christian and get a job.

2016: Clea leaves Topaz a package of biscuits. Angelo finds Topaz in the rec room and they discover a mutual enjoyment of Welcome to Night Vale. Quentin asks Gabriel via text if he wants to come to the tattoo parlour.

2017: Maya makes a journal entry updating everyone on what she’s been up to lately. Clea texts Amanda telling her about recent city dreams she’s been having again. Kurt goes to retrieve Amanda from her sorrow-drowning session, and they share some of those sorrows.