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October 30


2004: Reclaimed: Nathan and Alison bring Foley back to the mansion for treatment for his shattered conditioning; Nathan emails another Mistra escapee, Anika, and asks her to come and help. Scott and Ororo plan to re-organise the team. Scott tells Marie-Ange she'll need parental permission to join the team.

2005: Stoker and Stalkers: After her fatigue-spell at the party, Jamie insists on Kitty seeing a doctor; Madelyn examines Kitty and suggests it might be related to exam stress and pushing herself too hard. Jamie meets Marius and gives him the Talk about Rahne. Haroun and Nathan discuss Amanda's departure and where she failed. Jennie and Marius meet and become instant friends.

2006: Crystal and Dani discuss the cooking class. Crystal asks if anyone has seen a package she is expecting. Crystal announces to her roommates that she will be staying in Medusa's room to look after Lockjaw whilst her sister is away. Doug finds Marie-Ange is sick with the 'flu and takes her home. Terry issues an open invitation to her jazz gig. The Gates: Medusa dyes her hair and Nathan completes preparations. Bobby manages to turn himself back into human form, much to Terry's relief.

2007: Kevin takes up Juanita's offer of refuge on his and Yvette's behalf; Toad attacks the injured Clarice and Angelo before being taken down by Kyle and Nathan is rescued from Senyaka by Shiro, before the whole rescue group has to flee the Chinese military; Doug gets reports of a 'god' who has fallen to earth in Sri Lanka and he, Wanda and Amanda decide to go investigate; Kevin is relieved to have more space; in Australia, Marius and Jennie find themselves fighting Nimrod and Bloodhawk, a shapeshifter, in order to rescue Scott and the cosmonauts; Jennie makes a triumphant, if drugged post to the team comm; Laurie lets Amanda know Angelo is all right.

2008: Bishop asks for some Maker's Mark as his stash is back in New York. Sam announces his recovery from Famine and asks if anyone wants to overlook the damage with him. A thoughtful Laurie emails Yvette and Scott, wanting to talk. Wanda asks Forge for help making Jennie a birthday cake and later apologises for the mess; Wanda delivers Jennie's cake and she is pleased. Marius and Jennie talk about things. Manuel visits Jennie and things are odd at first. Jay causes an uproar asking about the level of force used to take Apocalypse down. Scott visits Jennie and finds her blaming herself for not doing enough on the bridge. Cain, powerless and his chronological age now, leaves the mansion, leaving a series of notes with Haller. Angelo is worried about Nathan and emails Domino. Pride Goeth:Farouk gets an email asking him to meet someone known as "His Excellency". Doug and Marie-Ange talk about the strangeness he's been exhibiting lately and then Marie-Ange goes to Emma for answers. Garrison announces a band night at Harry's, with Johnny Devil and the Screaming Demons playing; various mansion dwellers and visitors attend, in various moods and stages of recovery; Remy is pleased to be back and Wanda gives him his birthday present; Jay and Shiro talk about their one night stand and manage to eventually clear the air; Garrison gives Adrienne a medal as requested; Jubilee pesters a cranky and drunk Nathan; Zanne gets to walk Nate home; Scott and Jean reflect on how the team has changed; Garrison gives Sofia a gift from himself and Fred Duncan and things are awkward until a happydrunk Amanda joins them; back home, Amanda wakes up Sarah, sleeping on the couch, and tells her about why Remy left; Doug manages to come out, but gets overwhelmed. Sarah and Callisto, back at the mansion during the party, talk for the first time since Callisto's arrival at the school.

2009: Crystal emails Haller, Leo and Charles about Dori's issues with Logan. Julian shows off his new (birthday) car. Julian meets Dori's grandfather and reassures him he takes care of her. Nico and Yvette decorate the ballroom; Jan announces a candy hunt as part of Halloween. Fred comes across Amanda renewing the protection wards at the mansion and hauls her up before Kyle for vandalism. One Year On: Following the riot of the day before, meetings between HeliX members, victims' groups and interested students are held, which Amara attends and gets a number of perspectives.

2010: X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?: The team in Chicago tracks down their arsonist but are captured by M-Squad; Kane sends out an emergency message through the communications board; suspecting an attack on the group and being unable to establish communication with their teammates in Chicago, Jean assembles a rescue team; the team leaves for Chicago, aware powers inhibitors might be in play; the captured X-Men discover that M-Squad is being duped by their 'business manager', Tony Masters as a means of supplying the mutant black market; the rescue squad find the warehouse where M-Squad has set up operations, but find it tough going against Masters' mercenaries; M-Squad is convinced they are being used for evil and release the captured X-Men, who join in the fight; Masters and his men flee, and the X-Men hand over their arsonist to M-Squad for arrest; Garrison visits Jean in medlab and explains she was hit with an overdose of anti-psychotics. Julian announces his return from D.C. The Gift: The night before her birthday, Nico has a disturbing and ominous dream about a woman calling herself "Arcana Minoru".

2011: Jean emails Amanda about doing a healing spell for Vanessa. Amanda posts asking for volunteers with some very strict criteria; Clarice texts Amanda with an offer to help; Wade also texts Amanda to offer help, not sure if his cancer would disqualify him; Jean-Paul emails Amanda, knowing he can't donate, but offering any other help.

2012: Kurt and Angel have fun on the trapeze. Adrienne leaves Vanessa a birthday gift; Vanessa texts her thanks. Katabasis: Prelude: Jennie Stavros has an unpleasant encounter in Prague. Operation: A Hammer To Fall: In England, an ambush goes awry.

2013: Rachel posts (re)introducing herself. Adrienne emails Vanessa about doing something for her birthday. Maddie posts about a Halloween marathon on x_kids. Matt posts asking if anyone wants to go to his gym and help hand out candy for Halloween. North has a German meal delivered to Vanessa for her birthday. North and Wade make a bet, then drag Jean into the fallout.

2014: Namor posts lamenting the fact that he is dressed as Poseidon and is being mistaken on campus for Hermes and asks for suggestions on how to cut down on the confusion. Lorna posts about the Hallowe’en festivities for the next day and praises Amanda and her students. Gabriel posts offering free drinks to anyone who visits his bar on Hallowe’en since he is stuck working. Angelica prompts Julian to open his new watch and in replacing the old watch with the new one, a photograph of a girl falls out and he tells Angelica her story, including that he met her in Beijing but was forced to return to the States without her due to the Chinese government. Julian texts Tandy thanking her for taking him out the night before.

2015: Rogue and Garrison work on repairing their friendship now that her brain has been repaired. Hope emails Tandy about going on a shopping trip. Monica and Sharon meet and bond over their military backgrounds. Amadeus posts asking if people would be interested in adopting three gerbils after he finished experimenting on them. Jubilee posts suggesting the adults go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror to celebrate Jennie’s birthday. Tandy takes Julian to the countryside to pick up two German Shepherd puppies for his birthday. Now both back in their right minds, Rogue and Logan decide to attempt a relationship again.

2016: Bobbi posts a picture of her new favorite shirt. Marie-Ange makes a journal entry asking wtf is up with these pumpkins? Laurie emails Wade about a pumpkin trebuchet.

2017: Darcy posts about having ordered several strings of planetary lights and asks for help to hang them.

2018: Darcy makes a journal post about her low effort Hallowe’en costume.