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September 9 - Clea Lake and Jessica Jones' birthday


2004: Angelo speaks with Samson and demonstrates a newfound resilience. Nathan promises Sarah to help Jono, discusses the definition of terrorism with Manuel, and has a detergent fight with Moira. Manuel also decides to attend the HeliX ball as Charles’s personal assistant, and asks Kitty for a dance there. Lorna finally faces Scott, and then gets some surprising reassurance from Samson.

2005: Bobby talks to Jean about his FOH issues. Upgrade: Alison and Nate discuss Haroun's issues with Alison's father; the computer team have a breakthrough. Wanda and Scott fight about her loss of control in Peru. Manuel confronts Nathan about the truck accident lie.

2006: Nathan regains his powers and the firebird makes an appearance.

2007: Logan meets Noriko and surprises her by speaking Japanese. Jean tells Marie they're having some trouble with the test results. Forge tests a new leg configuration and meets with Crystal, who is out flying.

2008: Laurie is philosophical about insight and seeing only the surface of things. In response to Morgan's calling her 'Kitten', Catseye posts in her journal, explaining her mindset and that she is a cat, not a kitten. Jennie is cast in her school's dance shows. Crystal announces she is going back to Attilan for a while.

2009: Jean-Paul and Johnny stay up to eat cake after their movie to celebrate Johnny's actual birthday before going to bed. Wanda comments on her breakfast of Milk Duds. Lil talks to Nathan about his retirement; Lil helps Catseye take the training wheels off her bike. Callie shows her excitement for the first day of school on the journals. Lex texts Morgan ordering her to meet him at a restaurant. Yvette posts wishing Nori, Crystal, Johnny, and Inez happy birthdays. Jeanne-Marie posts about sleeping in and asks for a brunch companion. Lil texts Jean-Paul about her letting Jeanne-Marie drive her motorcycle. Rush: Johnny gets an invitation from his father to come celebrate his birthday and meet his father's new girlfriend and Vic offers to accompany him on the visit; Johnny emails Jean-Paul, asking Jean-Paul to drive him and Victor to his father's for the weekend and Jean-Paul agrees. Julian posts to the x-kids forum asking if anyone wants to watch Glee instead of doing homework. Amanda vanishes while talking to Manuel and ends up in Madrid; Amanda posts in her journal about her powers glitch, urging people not to worry. Doreen posts in a good mood to her journal. Morgan meets Lex at the Horseman and he apologizes to her. Atomic Angel: Jay goes to check on Shiro after Nick voices his concerns, he finds Shiro troubled but as usual also unresponsive to help.

2010: Amara posts to the journals, informing the mansion of her return from Nova Roma. Garrison and Callisto trade perspectives over refilling the mansion's stock of firewood. Amanda e-mails Amara, Jared, John and Nico, discussing Amara's father, John's birthday, Nico's study and Jared's body piercing. Amanda posts to her journal about being back in New York. Jean-Paul and Amanda run into each other at their favourite Chinese place and steal each other's food over conversation and banter.

2011: Adrienne gets excited about Fashion Week and invites people to share her industry tickets. Callie posts about a drunken moose and warns about the dangers of fermented fruit and large herbivores. Jean-Phillipe posts about the Miss Universe Pageant national costumes and drinking and mocking ensue; Amanda texts Angelo and John for sanctuary from the fashion party. Kyle gets in Garrison's face about him punching the stonework, and he ends up tossed into the backseat of Garrison's car for his troubles. Sam and Tabitha swim in the lake together and hatch a plan for a confidence course for the New Mutants.

2012: Sonatorrek: The Secret Empire bikers - Callisto and Angelo, with Amanda as Cal’s ‘old lady’ and Marie-Ange as their tattoo artist - meet with the Valhallas and after some macho posturing, a working relationship is established; at the strip club, Wanda, Paige and Jubilee meet Sylvie and get hired on as dancers/’actresses’. Hope posts an essay to her journal on the need for ladylike accomplishments.


2014: Julian meets Sue while they're surfing. Julian and Amanda go to lunch so Julian can learn more about Billy and Topaz. Julian meets Maddie, who informs him she won't be returning to the New Mutants program this year. Julian finds Sarah V. playing video games in the rec room. Jessica posts celebrating being twenty-one. Rogue and Sooraya reconnect over delicious food.

2015: Amara posts asking what she should do after being asked out by an ‘ugly’ boy. Julian leaves a teddy bear for Megan. Gabriel and Rahne share a bag of chips until Rahne shifts and eats them all, which amuses Gabriel. Amanda leaves a necklace for Clea. Warren announces his return on the journals. Bas texts Clea, unhappy that after he and Stephen throwing a surprise birthday party for her she left a raccoon and family of mice in their suite. Maya posts saying that she’s made the cheerleading squad.

2016: Laurie makes a journal entry looking for others potentially interested in archery. Clea makes a journal entry about her birthday. Hope talks with Emma, Doug, and Julian about taking a position in the White Court.

2017: Green-Eyed Monster: Emma notes the Sapien League is active again and asks X-Force to investigate a potential attack they appear to be planning. Clea gets a package from her parents for her birthday; Topaz gives her an adult colouring book with cats; Stephen offers to take Clea out for her birthday.