The Destine Clan

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The Destine Clan
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Adam, Albert, Dominic, Grace, Jasmine
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Various
Introduction: Operation: A Hammer To Fall

Remnants of the dark magician Rack's coven, the Destines lived more or less quiet lives until 2011, when a mugging gone wrong resulted in the death of one of their members. Whether or not they're actually all related is unknown.

First Appearance

October 2012


Adam Destine
The leader. Adam is a fear-inducing man who doesn't hesitate to strike back when he sees himself or his family being wronged. Practices urban magic. Was responsible, along with Albert, for killing Alice Ashdown after her husband killed their brother.

PB: Andrew Leeds, socked by Dex

Grace Destine
Grace is a surprisingly gentle young woman, making her association with the other Destines something of a surprise. She's fiercely loyal to the family, however, and won't hesitate to attack anyone who threatens them. Draws magic from her amulet.

PB: Gina Carano, socked by Zoila

Albert Destine
Like Grace, Albert draws his magic from an amulet. He was present when Luca Ashdown killed his brother, and worked with Adam to kill Alice.

PB: Jim Parrack, socked by AJ

Jasmine Destine
The healer in the family. Jasmine is the youngest of the clan, and tends to stay in the background during fights, as her magic doesn't lend itself well to offense. She draws her power off the earth.

PB: Elizabeth Olsen, socked by Eva

Dominic Destine - deceased
Dominic uses magic to create illusions, drawing mostly on his own life energy. It was he who tracked Luca down after Nathaniel was killed, and he spent a few weeks surveying Luca, Alice, and Topaz in order to find out more about them and their schedule before Adam and Albert went in. He was killed by a combination of Albert and Topaz in the midst of the third fight between Taboo and Topaz and the Destines.

Socked by Rei

  • Nathaniel Destine - Killed by Luca Ashdown in 2011. His death was the start of the war between Luca and the Destines (this was unknown at the time).


Phase 1

Following the disbandment of Rack's coven, the Destines went underground for a time before resurfacing and making a name for themselves among the magical community. They were heavy handed in their tactics - Adam especially - and didn't mind resorting to killing if it meant getting what they wanted.

In 2011, Nathaniel and Albert were out for the night, and came across an older man. They decided to mug him for fun, not realizing that he was also a magic user, like them. The mugging resulted in Nathaniel's death, but Albert managed to escape back to the family and inform them what had happened. They tracked down the would-be victim - Luca Ashdown - and killed his wife in retaliation for Nathaniel's death.

In October 2012, Luca and Topaz - after over a year of meticulous planning - struck back against the Destines, intent on killing Adam first and then taking the rest down. The original plan failed, and this led to a series of attacks in which Dominic was eventually killed when Topaz manipulated one of Albert's spells to hit Dominic instead of Luca.

Following the final attack the remaining Destines - Adam, Albert, Grace, and Jasmine - disappeared before they could be apprehended, and the house they'd been living in was leveled. Their whereabouts are currently unknown. They continue, however, to be a point of contention despite their absence - in June 2013, Taboo attempted to sell Topaz in order to garner information on where they were hiding.

Phase 2


Phase 1

Operation: A Hammer To Fall

Phase 2


Socked by: Dex (Adam), AJ (Albert), Eva (Jasmine), Zoila (Grace), Rei (Dominic)

The Destines are (very loosely) based on the characters from Marvel's The ClanDestine comic series.