The Zodiac: Leo

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The Zodiac: Leo
Dates run: October 17-22, 2015
Run By: Dex
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The world's most wanted obsolete technology. I'm sure Kane'll be thrilled.

Snipers, car chases and fiery explosions - just another mission for Kevin and Domino.


Kevin Sydney, Nina Thurman

Garrison Kane, Meseret Gobena, Elani Debar


October 17-22, 2015

Plot Summary

As part of their ongoing arrangement, Christian Kane recruited Kevin and Domino to investigate activity on a bank account belonging to an old foe known as The Zodiac. The trail led them to Africa and a meeting with a very nervous mercenary by the name of Scarlotti. In the midst of their meeting, Scarlotti was targeted by a sniper and Kevin was wounded. And that was before the super strong mutant woman appeared. The pair managed to escape with Scarlotti's phone, which provided two names and a location - Meseret Gobena was the mutant, Elani Debar the sniper and Scarlotti had most recently spent a lot of time at a deserted airfield.

Following the lead, Kevin and Domino arrived at the airfield and found a pile of encrypted Russian microfiche, only to be attacked again by Gobena, Debar and their men. Pinned down by the sniper, it took a very risky action on Domino's part (and a lot of luck) to get to a hanger, where they were able to find a plane in working condition and flee, with only a handful of microfiche to show for it.

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Plotrunner: Dex