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Character(s): Sooraya Qadir, Hope Abbott, Sharon Friedlander
Email: Evaemail.jpg
Pronouns: she/her
Date joined: November 2011

Currently a moderator.


My name is Eva and I am from the Netherlands.

I am 34, have a MA in Religion Studies, currently working as a waitress and as an auteur of an introduction to religion course for long-distance education. I'm also studying theology part time in pursuit of the ministry.

Eva was elected to be a mod in August 2012. When the third characters opened up, she apped Sharon Friedlander.

Phase 2


Modsocks NPCs Villains Deceased
None Sasha Ryan

Allison Ross

Agent Paulletz

Jasmine Destine None

Phase 1


Modsocks NPCs Villains Deceased
None Sasha Ryan

Blaine Addison

Jasmine Destine





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