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Character(s): Marie-Ange Colbert, Kyle Gibney
Email: FritoEmail.jpg
Pronouns: she/her
Date joined: May 2003


Karen "Frito" Lawrence is currently an active player of X-Project. She began playing Marie-Ange Colbert in May of 2003, and Kyle Gibney in October of 2004. She currently acts as one of the admins for the Xproject wiki, and has been a mod of the game twice previously, retiring from her most recent tenure as a mod in April 2017. She also hosts and maintains the webpage and is generally responsible for dealing with the technical end of any of the webpage-y things for the game.

She can be reached on gchat via the email address, or email at FritoEmail.jpg Her preferred means of contact is email, and her personal journal, full of memes, posts about cupcakes, assorted miscellany, and infrequent actual content can be found at Frito. The picture shown here is not actually representative of Frito. Mostly. She has a twitter. You can probably guess that it's also Frito_Kal

A former resident of Baltimore and the Washington DC Area, she now lives in Escondido, CA (a bit north of San Diego) - she hates snow and shoes, and loves seafood, tea and math. She lives with Twiller and their son "Typechip", born in February 2014, and has a truly astounding number of stuffed animals for someone who is in her forties.

She also claims to be 1/4 allosaurus.

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This is where I test random code blocks to show off what nifty stuff I can make this wiki do because I have some random objection to using the Sandbox and I like having it here and handy on my user page.

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Today is Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

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Daily Events

February 19

2004: Cain signs over control of his fortune to Cameron Hodge, his investment manager. Angelo's nightmares continue to get worse.

2005: Amanda summons Kevin's ghost for Jay. Later, Amanda promises Angelo that she'll try to cut back on the magic. Hank puts down the law in regards to Amanda's use of magic for students. Hank and Amanda then clash over Hank's announcement.

2006: Bobby talks to Angelo about the Terry situation and gets some useful advice, whether he likes it or not.

2007: Kaiten: Amanda helps Angelo escape the house for a little bit, and finally tells him how she feels; Medusa and Nathan visit the bombing site.

2008: Laurie runs amuck with a banana pudding-loaded trebuchet. Cain drops by the Snow Valley offices for information on what happened to him and mistakes Sofia for a prostitute again. Monet and Amanda have lunch and Amanda gives Monet her birthday present.

2009: Yvette emails Kevin to tell him about Jay. Kyle and Cammie discuss eating habits. Logan and Lil spar and go for beer afterwards; on her way back to her room after sparring, Lil runs into Callie and gives her advice on dating. Doug and North spar in the Danger Gym and get to know each other's powers a bit better. Nathan and Jean-Paul are playing pool and encounter Jack being his typical abrasive self. Amara returns the dress she borrowed from Adrienne and receives some fashion advice and another loan.

2010: Amanda and Nico train in magic, but a grumpy mood interferes and turns into a serious conversation. Doug takes Laurie back to the dojo to resume training and rewards her with lunch after a brutal workout.

2011: Wade and Vanessa wake up tangled together and within an hour of their check out deadline. Kevin posts about turning the boathouse into an art studio, having vetted the idea with Charles. Operation: Louisiana Lowdown: In between fending off Jake's inability to sit still and his stomach, Wanda and Jake stumble across something interesting at the building the Mosely Initiative has rented. Angelo posts to the journals, telling John he's up for a fly fishing trip. Amara and John go on their first date.

2012: Sam posts asking for peace and quiet as he nurses a major hangover.

2013: Sooraya mails Yvette and Angel about her feelings of having faced Magneto. Marie-Ange comes to see Angelo at the office and issue certain friendly threats.

2014: Amanda texts Topaz to offer her a place to stay. Amanda meets Namor in the library and gets a jolt of mystical energy from him before they agree to go for coffee together. Sue and Hope visit a hairstylist and Hope discusses her impending first date with Dennis with Sue.

2015: Gabriel notes heat powers would be really useful when running through the cold. Topaz finds Artie coming in from a late night of work, and Artie ensures that the next generation will never actually learn calculus. Jubilee posts to X-Force about her trip to China. Miles meets the hot daughter of his idols and manages to only make a minor ass of himself. Clint gets a surprise phone call from Billy. Angelo runs into Matt at court and introduces himself.

2016: Maya updates the mansion on her status.

2017: Laurie asks for company while she catches up on everything she hasn’t done due to her residency. Angel points out there is a place in Texas that has three-pound cinnamon buns and suggests a road trip.

2018: Garrison posts a picture of Daisy watching the Olympics to his journal. Clint returns to the mansion from parts unknown in the middle of the night and decides it’s the perfect time to wake up Matt for a talk.

Featured Articles

MoA Daredevil.png
Moment of Awesome - Matt Murdock/Daredevil During a break for food, Matt and Topaz talk over their new careers.

"Just try not to bring back anything that'll kill us," Topaz said dryly. "Everyone's done that at one point or another and it never ends well."

That seemed reasonable. "I....can try?" he offered, semi-dubious given the track record, "I think death and dying is a bad idea unless you're 90 or so."

"Everyone tries," Topaz said with a long-suffering sigh. "Death is usually not recommended for living a healthy lifestyle, though."

It was hard to be Topaz. "No, it's not," Matt agreed. "Though, it can be argued that we have chosen not to live a healthy lifestyle. What with the fighting and attacking and all that." Of course, doing the right thing and healthy were not the same.

Topaz snorted, keeping quiet for a minute to listen to Siri, and turning right. "I never said any of us were actually going to live to see old age."

Details, "You don't think we will?" he asked.

"Maybe if we all retired from the hero business right now." The sarcasm was light. "I've lost count of how many times I've almost gotten killed, usually over something stupid."

"You think we're heroes?" Matt was doubtful. He was many things, but he didn't think dressing up in body armor and running around made him a hero. Maybe tetched in the head. He was trying to help, if nothing else. "Sometimes I wonder."

Topaz resisted the urge to give him a Look. "Whatever you want to call people who dress up in various kinds of body armor and go out and fight things, then," she amended. "I'm not getting into a 'is what we do morally right' debate. I'm just here to organize books."

"And occasionally you do too," Matt's stomach growled and he was glad they were nearly there, "But your book organizing is important and appreciated."

"Usually by accident." Topaz paused to listen to Siri and took another turn. "I'm better off in the library, unless you lot need me to keep you from doing stupid like touching something you obviously shouldn't touch."

"I do touch a lot," Matt waggled his fingers, "Side effect of being blind." He was only partially joking.


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