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Dates run: January 6-8, 2008
Run By: Redhawk with Dex
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"The Wendigo. It's not an animal, Kane. It's a spirit. A tuurngaq-- ah, why bother with the Inuit name. You white people can never pronounce it properly anyways."

A battle against an Inuit spirit results in Logan being hurt in the one way he can't readily heal.


Logan, Marie D'Ancato, Garrison Kane

Heather MacDonald, Joseph Twoyoungmen



January 6-8, 2008

Plot Summary

Summoned by Heather to northern Canada, Logan and Marie joined Garrison in searching for Joseph Twoyoungmen and a detachment of Mounties, vanished whilst investigating something unusual in one of the villages. The search party of four - Heather insisting on going - found the bloody remains of the Mounties, before being attacked by a ferocious white-furred beast. The three mutants were hard-pressed to combat it, Garrison being flung off into the woods and Marie knocked almost unconscious, leaving Logan to try and protect Heather from the beast in a raging snowstorm.

Coming to in the woods, Garrison found Twoyoungmen, holed up in a traditional birthing place and injured by the beast. The shaman explained it was a Wendigo, an Inuit spirit summoned by black magics, and gave him a talisman which would bring it fully into this world and thus make it susceptible to harm. Returning to the battle, Marie triggered the talisman by flying above the storm to expose it to sunlight, whilst Logan, already perilously close to losing his humanity in the need to protect Heather, defeated it in a ferocious battle.

The effort seemed to have cost Logan his control over his feral side, however, and it took Heather, who had tamed him once before, to calm him down enough to not flee into the woods. The decision was made for Logan to remain in Canada and work with her and Twoyoungmen to try and regain his equilibrium.

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Garrison returned to the mansion with Marie, the first time since his injuries in Thirteen Days.


Plotrunner: Redhawk, with assistance from Dex.

The plot was based on the comics canon Wendigo, and was adapted to become Logan's exit plot when Redhawk resigned from the game.

The plot was the first on-screen appearance of Joseph Twoyoungmen.