What Am I Doing Here?

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What Am I Doing Here?
Dates run: September 28 - October 1, 2012
Run By: Jeff
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No, we need to do something that will teach them a lesson. Hit'em where it hurts.

On a trip back home, Sam Guthrie and company run afoul of a local chapter of the Friends of Humanity.


Sam Guthrie, Lorna Dane, Jubilation Lee, Kurt Sefton, Tabitha Smith

Guthrie Family, Agent Barbara Morse

Friends of Humanity, Aloysius Reed


September 28 - October 1, 2012

Plot Summary

After Genosha, Sam received a phone call from his mother asking him to come home for his younger twin siblings' birthday. He made a post to his journal, informing everyone that he'd be heading back to Kentucky that coming weekend and asking if anyone wanted to accompany him.

The group flew to Kentucky on Friday, September 28th, where they were welcomed by his mother. Later that night, Jubilee sneaked into Kurt's bedroom, which room he was sharing with Sam, and they accidentally wake up the elder Guthrie.

After church Sam and ran into an unexpected - and unpleasant - surprise in the form of a newly formed local chapter of the Friends of Humanity. Their leader, a man named Aloysius Reed, taunted Sam to the point where Sam punches the man in front of all present, including a local law enforcement officer. Sam was subsequently arrested and detained after the assault, and he was transported to the local jail to cool his heels.

Kurt posted on x_team about Sam being arrested. Meanwhile, Reed and the other members of the local Friends of Humanity held a meeting after his run-in with Sam, where their plans changed to accommodate recent events. They had planned to make an example of a mutant friendly family, but after Sam's actions their target shifted to the Guthrie homestead. Further, they had to eliminate Sam after the trouble he'd caused them. After the FoH meeting, two individuals set out to dispatch of Sam according to Reed's wishes, which was to burn down the police station where Guthrie was asleep in the holding cells. Things got complicated, however, and they don't go quite as planned, thanks in no small part to one of the individuals turning out to be an undercover SHIELD Agent, Barbara Morse. Morse interrupted the other individual's attempt to burn the building down, alerting Sam to the danger before succumbing to smoke inhalation, and Sam blasted all of them free of the burning building. Once they were outside, Morse told Sam of Reed's plan to attack the Guthrie home and he blasted off to help defend his family.

Sam arrived at the Guthrie homestead and found it under attack. All hands pitch in to save the farm, with Kurt, Jubilee, Tabitha, and Lorna helping the rest of the Guthrie family in fending off Reed and the rest of the Friends of Humanity. Part of the property caught on fire and the attackers fled in the chaos while Sam and his friends dealt with putting out the flames.

Following the attack, Sam emailed Kurt to advise he'd be staying at home for a bit in Kentucky to help fix the damage to his mother's property, and that he'd return in the near future.

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As a result of the plot's events, Sam found himself questioning his role with Xavier's and whether or not his time would be better spent doing something else.


Plotrunner: Jeff

This is the first plot that Jeff ran in XP.