X-Factor Investigation: Cat vs. Bird

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Cat vs. Bird
Dates run: October 3-6, 2011
Run By: Nat
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Nobody's parents understand them, kid, that's just life. Start a blog or some shit.

When Warren takes on a missing mutant teenager case for X-Factor Investigations, he recruits a few ladies along the way to help him out.


Warren Worthington, Adrienne Frost, Callisto

Townshend Horgan, Kate and Neil Horgan, Jennifer Walters


October 3-6, 2011

Plot Summary

When Kate and Neil Horgan's youngest son Townshend ran away from home - and didn't return - they hired X-Factor Investigations to find him. Warren took the case, and soon recruited Adrienne to help him track down the missing mutant teenager. Using her powers to try and work out where he may have gone, the trail led them to the homeless shelters in and around District X.

After a little bit of legwork, they found the shelter where a friend of Townshend's had been staying. They also found Callisto there, working as a volunteer. After some discussion, Callisto agreed to help them find Townshend. While Callisto tracked him down, Warren and Adrienne discovered that Townshend was wanted by the police for robbing a liquor store. Warren then contacted an old friend of his from law school, Jennifer Walters, to ask for her help in representing him.

Callisto found Townshend, and spoke to him fairly harshly about him living on the streets when he has a family and a home to go back to. Somewhat abashed, Townshend eventually agreed to return home.

Warren arranged a meeting between Townshend, his parents and Jennifer, to reunite the family and to talk about Townshend's legal options. While Jennifer didn't think they would be able to get him off entirely, she had high hopes that she would be arrange a plea deal involving probation and family counseling.

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This plot was designed to introduce Jennifer Walters into the game world.


Plotrunner: Nat