X-Men Mission: Any Other World

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Any Other World
Any other world.jpg
Dates run: November 30, 2011
Run By: Maureen
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Say Goodbye to the World You Thought You Lived In

An incident at the hospital she's interning at prompts Clarice Ferguson to reassess her options.


Dominion, Phoenix, Bevatron, Blink

Brennan Mulwray


November 30, 2011

Plot Summary

While working on her graduate degree as a Physicians Assistant, Clarice notices a new patient looks awfully familiar and after being ignored by hospital security, she calls the X-Men to help safely collect wanted fugitive Brennan Mulwray from Magnetic North to be arrested.

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Any Other World

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As a result of this plot, Clarice returned to the X-Men and the mansion.


Plotrunner: Maureen