X-Men Mission: Becket

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X-Men: Becket
Dates run: April 28, 2008
Run By: Alicia
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She's promising a better world.

Double-agent Tanya Callery alerts the X-Men to an imminent assassination attempt on another major mutant activist, a Russian Orthodox archbishop.


Cyclops, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Meltdown, Sunfire, Juggernaut

William Moses, Tanya Callery, Amber Hunt, Father Alexi Garnoff


April 28, 2008

Plot Summary

The X-Men received a panicked phone call from Tanya Callery, who told them she was part of a team Trask had dispatched to assassinate Alexi Garnoff, the archbishop of Murmansk and Monchegorsk and a rising star among mutant activists. With Garnoff due to speak at a conference in upstate New York within the hour, the Blackbird was scrambled and the X-Men managed to get there in time to intercept Trask's team.

Sending Kurt to protect the bishop, the X-Men split up in the woods to engage the team of assassins. Scott and Jean found themselves facing William Moses, while Cain has a rematch with Callery, who did her best to pass him as much information as possible while maintaining her cover. Shiro and Tabitha were taken by surprise when they found themselves up against Amber Hunt, a former patient of Moira's, who seemed to have become deeply embittered (and very well-trained) since leaving Muir.

Jean and Scott drove Moses into retreat, while Cain set up a plausible escape route for Callery. Curiously, while the energy-absorbing Hunt was able to incapacitate both Shiro and Tabitha, she seemed to retreat by choice, rather than continuing to the conference center. The X-Men regrouped, patrolling the woods while Scott and Kurt tried to arrange for a safe departure for Garnoff. The young priest accompanying him insisted upon playing decoy with the archbishop's car, something Garnoff took strong exception to, leaving cover to try and urge the young man to get out of the car. As soon as he was close enough, the bomb inside the car was detonated remotely and both were killed.

With it clear that the team of assassins may have simply been a ruse, the X-Men withdrew, shaken by the total failure of their mission.

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Cain and Nathan would later speculate rather bleakly on whether Callery had played them, or been played by Trask herself.


Plotrunner: Alicia

Archbishop Garnoff was based very loosely on the comics canon character Blind Faith.