X-Men Mission: Mercy Flight

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X-Men: Mercy Flight
Dates run: July 25, 28-29, 2005
Run By: Alicia
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You crashed. The Blackbird. By letting it get hit by lightning. You. Lightning. My plane.

When the X-Men are called upon to transport one of Moira's old patients to Muir Island when her powers go out of control, a freak storm turns the trip into something rather more perilous than intended.


Storm, Nightcrawler, Beast, Firecracker, Vision, Forge, Moira MacTaggart - Phase 1, Cyclops, Polaris

NPCs: Curt Connors, Amber Hunt


July 25, 28-29, 2005

Plot Summary

Moira received a desperate call for help from Amber Hunt, a young woman she once helped gain control over a powerful energy absorption/rechanneling ability. Amber's abilities were growing out of control, drawing on any energy around her and building to levels where an explosive discharge was inevitable. She had retreated to her grandfather's cabin in Maine, as far from civilization as she could get. Moira promised her help in getting to Muir, and consulted with Beast and Forge on a containment chamber for the Blackbird.

A very small team of X-Men, including two of the trainees, Firecracker and Vision, and Forge, to help Beast maintain the containment chamber during the flight, picked up Amber in Maine and headed to Muir Island. Back at the mansion, Cyclops relieved Polaris on coms duty. When she returned with a pot of coffee, he informed her that the Blackbird was flying into a freak storm.

Storm, flying the plane, attempted to divert the lightning from the Blackbird, but the weather was simply too severe and the Blackbird was hit, forcing them to make an emergency landing on an uninhabited island far off the coast of Scotland. Though they managed to set down intact, the containment chamber was damaged by the power surge and rendered inoperable. Beast and Nightcrawler let a panicking Amber out of the chamber and turned their attention to helping Storm repair the plane, while Forge worked on the chamber.

Although his job was made more difficult by Amber's continual absorption of ambient energy, Forge managed to successfully repair the containment chamber. It needed a jumpstart, however, and Storm provided a well-placed lightning bolt to get it working again.

At Muir the next day, Moira and Curt discovered that Amber had recently moved within range of a facility making superconductors. The increase in ambient energy levels had jump-started her ability to a new level. Knowing the source of the problem, Moira reassured Amber that they would work towards a solution together.

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This would be the first time the Blackbird was broken in the summer of 2005, but not the last.


Plotrunner: Alicia