X-Men Mission: Rubicon

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X-Men Mission: Rubicon
Dates run: June 19-20, 2009
Run By: Nute
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"This mission is no longer observe and report. It is now a rescue operation. Any questions?"

A simple reconnaissance mission turns violent when a team of X-Men discovers the exploitation of a young mutant in Brazil.


Rogue, Wolverine, Legion, Forge, Wasp, Caldera



June 19-20, 2009

Plot Summary

After detecting a strong mutant energy spike in Brazil during a routine Cerebro sweep, Charles Xavier contacted the Brazilian government to inquire about the possibility of investigating, but was surprisingly shut out by a barrage of bureaucratic red tape. Becoming suspicious, Xavier gathered a group of X-Men for a reconnaissance mission.

Utilizing the Blackbird's stealth capabilities to get into the country undetected, the small team ventured to the site to investigate the curious mutant who had triggered Cerebro. What they found was unexpectedly shocking: a power plant in the middle of the jungle, using a young mutant as a sort of generator, feeding his powers with Kick. While Logan, Jan, and Amara made a distraction, Forge, Haller, and Marie snuck into the facility to rescue the child. In the process, they discovered the presence of old enemies - the Reavers, acting as security.

After a short chase, the X-Men reached a safe location to regroup. Using data Forge had managed to steal from the facility, they discovered that the power plant was run by a group called Combine Energy, in a no-bid contract with the Brazilian government to provide electricity and amenities to underdeveloped areas. However, after consulting telepathically with Xavier, it was decided that should the facility be left alone, they would eventually find another mutant and continue their inhumane practices.

Weighing the potential benevolent work that Combine Energy was doing with the horrific methods they were using to accomplish it, Charles Xavier ordered the team of X-Men to destroy the facility and make it unfeasible for Combine Energy to continue their project. Rogue, Wolverine, and Amara stayed back to protect the boy, while the others made a direct assault on the facility, with Legion unleashing the full fury of his telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers on the Reavers while Wasp and Forge infiltrated the building and sabotaged the power plant, bringing it down in a huge explosion, but not before ensuring that the facility's workers were evacuated.

After leaving the area, the X-Men delivered the boy back to his family, and arranged for transport to Muir Island so that the child could be treated for exposure to Kick. After researching further into Combine Energy, however, it was discovered that the company was merely a shell, a mostly-fictitious front for whoever was really behind the project. The masterminds behind the facility remain unknown.

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This plot was Amara's first return to Brazil since her rescue from Nova Roma.


A poster was designed for this plot by the plotrunner.

Plotrunner: Nute