X-Men Mission: Sangue Puro

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X-Men: Sangue Puro
Dates run: August 2, 2005
Run By: Alicia
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You know what this means? Justifiable property damage. Woo-hah..

When an anti-mutant group storms a mutant-friendly school in Rio de Janeiro and hold students hostage, the X-Men's assistance is requested.


Cyclops, Jetstream, Cable, Polaris, Kylun, Cannonball

NPCs: Joao Cardoso


August 2, 2005

Plot Summary

When St. Isabel's, a school in Rio, launched an integrated curriculum for mutants and baseline humans, a Brazilian anti-mutant group calling itself Sangue Puro took over the school and held the children hostage, demanding that their comrades in prison after earlier failed operations be released. The government invited the X-Men to Rio, technically to provide assistance in case any of the mutant children inside the school lost control over their powers under stress, but even as the Blackbird departed the Professor was already making arrangements for them to be an active part of the response.

Prior to leaving, Cannonball informed Cyclops that he would prefer a supporting role on this mission, a decision that Cyclops accepted (if reluctantly). On the plane, Cyclops and Kylun reviewed the briefing material, Kylun offering thoughts from his own experience with the fanatic mindset. Upon landing, they discovered from the police officer in charge, Joao Cardoso, that the police had received a text message from inside the school from one of the students, warning them that the terrorists were not planning to let the mutant students go even if their demands were meant. Cyclops offered Cardoso the X-Men's direct assistance, and Cardoso invited him to study the blueprints of the school while he cleared it with his superiors.

The X-Men's involvement okayed by the Brazilian government, Cyclops and Jetstream worked on devising a plan, Cyclops adding a last-minute twist involving Cable and Polaris pulling the roof off the school library where the hostages were being held and drawing the terrorists' fire while the rest of the team and the Brazilian SWAT team came in the front. On recon, Cable and Polaris, though they managed to establish the position of the terrorists inside the library, discovered that the hostage-takers were high on stimulants of some sort, their drugged state having the effect of making their minds impossible to cloud telepathically.

The plan was carried out flawlessly, with no injuries to either the hostages or any of the X-Men or police. Outside, as the children were being reunited with their parents, Kylun spotted two suspicious-looking characters in the crowd and Cable, scanning them, identified them as the terrorists' outside contacts. Kylun pursued them, capturing them and handing them over to the authorities.

As Cyclops and Jetstream took stock of the night's work, Cannonball relayed news from the mansion that Moira had gone into labor. Risking death-by-teammate, Cyclops held the team there until the cleanup was done, only then informing Cable of the news. At that point, the X-Men returned to Westchester as quickly as possible.

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This was not the first time Nathan was nearly late to the birth of one of his children because he was out in the field; back at Mistra, when his first wife Aliya went into labor with their son, he was on his way back from a mission and barely made it in time.


Plotrunner: Alicia