X-Men Mission: The Empty Quarter

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X-Men: The Empty Quarter
Dates run: June 29-30, 2006
Run By: Alicia
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The sandstorm is live.

At Val Cooper’s behest, the X-Men travel to Mauritania to shut down a military training camp for young mutants and ‘extradite’ some ex-Mistra conditioning staff.


Storm, Polaris, Nightcrawler, Cable, David Haller


June 29-30, 2006

Plot Summary

Val Cooper arrived at the mansion with news that the government’s investigation into Gideon’s activities had turned up the existence of another training camp in the deep desert in Mauritania, one being run by a pair of ex-Mistra conditioning staff. She was given the authority to task the X-Men, if they were in agreement, with the mission of shutting down the camp and extraditing the two fugitives. After brief consultation, the team set about preparing to leave that night.

Landing in Mauritania, Haller remained in the Blackbird to provide a telepathic switchboard while Storm created a sandstorm for cover. She and Nightcrawler made their way to the barracks, taking down the guards they found there. They freed the children and began to transport them back to the plane, while Polaris and Cable went after the fugitives. They captured them successfully, although Cable assaulted one of the captives, causing some friction between him and Polaris.

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The X-Men had twice been involved in shutting down other training camps in Africa, but the camp in Mauritania was the first where they went in with the government’s blessing.


Plotrunner: Alicia