X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom

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X-Men: Things That Go Boom
Dates run: June 22, 2005
Run By: Alicia
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You, Sam, can spend the next couple of hours practicing the endearing farmboy act. Kurt, the solemn and ingratiating 'look at me exuding trustworthiness' routine would probably go over well. And Angie... Just be yourself. I didn't actually pick you for this just because you're French.

The X-Men head to France to pick up a new student, but what should be a simple trip develops some (violent) complications.


Cyclops, Cannonball, Nightcrawler, Vision

NPCs: Eliane Courchesne


June 22, 2005

Plot Summary

Cyclops took a small team to France to pick up a new student, Eliane Courchesne, who had recently manifested a pyrokinetic ability. Upon arriving at the Courchesne home, outside Toulouse, they discovered that both Eliane and her parents seemed to be somewhat anxious about her move to the US. As they were attempting to reassure them over tea, Eliane’s elder brother Fabrice, a mutant himself, arrived home and turned out to be the reason for the anxiety. Violently opposed to the idea of his sister leaving home – he believed that as he had gotten his own abilities under control, he could help his sister do likewise - and very volatile in temperament, Fabrice attacked Cyclops when he tried to reason with him, knocking the X-Man out and shattering his visor.

Cannonball quickly removed Fabrice from the premises to outside, where he couldn’t do any more damage to his parents’ home. He and Nightcrawler worked together to incapacitate the angry young mutant, while Vision tended to Cyclops. Regaining consciousness quickly, Cyclops instructed Eliane to reason with her brother and explain that she was leaving of her own free will. Eliane promptly proved that she was quite French and gave her brother a monumental tongue-lashing that reduced him to tearfully begging her pardon.

With the situation amicably resolved, the X-Men returned to the school with Eliane, adding yet another foreign redhead to the mansion’s already-ample complement of the same.

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After this mission, Scott swore, only half-jokingly, to stop being the one to first try and reason with agitated people, as both this mission and the one to retrieve Carter Ryking had gone rather badly for him when he tried to take on that role.


Plotrunner: Alicia