X-Men Mission: X-Mas in Milwaukee

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X-Mas in Milwaukee
X-Mas in Milwaukee.jpg
Dates run: December 17-20, 2011
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: X-Mas in Milwaukee

"I, of course, am Mr. Immortal, leader of the Great Lakes Avengers! We avenge those who have suffered injustice. We avenge those who are victims to evil! We avenge those who cannot strike back for themselves. And those who... uh, live on the Great Lakes!"

During investigation of an apparent group of mutant criminals operating in the Great Lakes area, Kane, Terry and Abigail Brand discover something even stranger.


Garrison Kane, Theresa Cassidy, Abigail Brand

Cyclops, Meltdown, Wallflower, Nightcrawler, Blink, Penance, Rocky, Great Lakes Avengers

The Taskmaster


December 17-20, 2011

Plot Summary

At the request of SHIELD, Garrison, Terry and Abigail Brand went to Milwaukee to investigate a series of odd robberies, the latest of which has been on a customs warehouse. What made the robberies odd was that while money and valuables are taken, there was also destruction of seized drugs. In the case of the US Customs warehouse, a truck load of marijuana was burned at the same time $12 million worth of drugs, rare and illegal impounded imports and jewels were stolen; security guards reported being attacked by mutants in costumes. Over the course of the investigation (with Brand being her usual "friendly and helpful" self), they discovered a self-help group for local mutants could have been used to gather the group; the three agents went to the address of one Craig Hollis founder of the group to ask questions. However, upon seeing the three agents, Hollis fled, and was shot and killed by Brand as a suspect attempting to escape.

While Kane and Brand bickered over her heavy-handed methods and Hollis' body was collected by an ambulance, things took a turn for the bizarre when Hollis suddenly sat up, alive and unharmed. It was his mutation, he later explained, calling himself "Mr. Immortal". He proved a frustrating suspect, however, refusing to give any information on his co-suspects and sticking to his story that he was part of a group of super heroes, defending the Great Lakes area from the predations of a villain known as "Leather Boy". In the end, Kane arranged for a group of X-Men to 'rescue' Hollis from custody, in the hopes that Hollis would lead them to the rest of his team and perhaps give some explanation of what was going on. Posing as the "Super Squad", Cyclops and his team of X-Men succeeded in freeing Hollis from FBI custody while he was being taken to federal prison, and Hollis obligingly took his rescuers to the secret base of the Great Lakes Avengers, a group of mutants who helped the helpless, sought to bring down drug dealers and other criminals and protected the area from the predations of their arch-enemy, Leather Boy. They took their orders, Hollis explained, from someone called "The Professor", who called Hollis and gave him targets for the group to attack.

With their latest target confirmed - a DARPA chemical research laboratory that the Professor had told the West Coast Avengers was the centre of Leather Boy's drug making empire - the GLA went in hard at the front gate. The X-Men, in the meantime, covered the back entrance and took on a truckload of armed mercenary types who had arrived to break into the facility while the GLA distracted the security. Garrison, Theresa and Brand, having tracked down the signal from "Leather Boy's" cell phone during his regular calls to taunt Hollis, discovered the 'villain' was in fact the owner of a fetish store, paid by an unknown third party to call Hollis and taunt him. While they were questioning Leather Boy, he received a call on his cell - from the GLA's "Professor". Garrison, taking the call, recognised the voice of Tony Masters last seen in Chicago. Masters confirmed that he had set up the 'superhero team' as a front for his thefts, frustratingly hanging up before they could track his call and location.

Upon hearing the truth from Garrison, Cyclops and the X-Men managed to convince the GLA of the truth and that there were other ways to help people than as superheroes. The GLA agreed to disband and decided to seek out other outlets, such as Red X.

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X-Mas in Milwaukee

Trivia and Meta


For their guises as the "Super Squad", the X-Men took on new code names:

Cyclops = "Patch"

Nightcrawler = "Go-Between"

Blink = "Tinky Winky" (also her trainee name)

Wallflower = "Miasma"

Meltdown = "Boom-Boom" (also her trainee name)

Penance = "Spike"

Rocky and Monkey Joe = "The Amazing Squirrel Girl" with her super squirrel, "Tappy"


Plotrunner: Dex

The Great Lakes Avengers - and Leather Boy - were indeed based on the Marvel comic of the same name, of which Squirrel Girl was a member.