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Greetings, and welcome to the website for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It is my hope and earnest intention that whether you are staff, student, or simply a visitor, that you will find all the information you need regarding our institution.

-Professor Charles Xavier

X-Project is an online roleplaying game on Livejournal, set in the X-Men Movieverse - that is, it is based on X-Men and X2, the first two X-Men movies. X-Project was started May 8 2003 by Queer as John and Bonnie. The in-game starting point was shortly before the events of X2, and continued on from there.

The X-Project Wiki was created in 2006 as a repository of game information for players, readers and those interested in applying to the game. The initial concept was the brainchild of Dex, and the current Wiki sysop team is Frito and the Mods, with contributions from all the players.

For questions, suggestions, feedback and the rest, feel free to contact the Wiki editorial team, or the mods.