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Page Names


PC's get their First and Last Names as their page name generally, with the first name shortened to a commonly used nickname if applicable, unless they are commonly called something not their legal first and last names. Titles are generally included. Add redirects to appropiate nicknames and codenames, even if the codename does not appear in Xproject itself.


  • Joshua Guthrie gets Jay Guthrie. Icarus redirects to Jay Guthrie.
  • Douglas Ramsey gets Doug Ramsey. Cypher and Lexicon redirect to Doug Ramsey.
  • Wolverine/James Howlett gets Logan.
  • David Haller, Davey, Jack, Jim and Cyndi are all listed under David Haller.


NPC's get similar page names as PC's, except in the case of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and similar cases, where an alias is commonly used in Xproject, rather than a real name. Add redirects to appropiate nicknames and codenames, even if the codename does not appear in Xproject itself.


  • Dr. Essex gets Nathaniel Essex as he was introduced as a PC. Mister Sinister redirects to Dr. Nathaniel Essex.


In cases where there are a number of minor NPCs that are part of a particular group, the entry should be under a group name and the individual characters listed under the roster or family member section. This is to simplify the site and avoid hundreds of NPCs being listed.


  • Mother Askani, Lusanya, Galin et al are listed under The Askani. This also includes references to the language and history.
  • Anika, Foley, Morgan and the other former Mistra operatives are listed under The Reclaimed.
  • Homily, Aspen, Colin et al are listed under the London Coven.


In order to maintain clarity and simplify links as much as possible, the following policy should be maintained in regards to Category links. Too many Categories results in an unwieldy and messy Wiki.

This policy is open to change at a later date, but for the preliminary stages, please stick to the following.


Characters should be listed under the following Categories only.


X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, and New Mutants as applicable.

(Alumni and Mutants and Player Characters should not be used.)


Non-villain NPCs should only be listed under the NPCs category, with the sub-categories of Family and Friends, Allies, Staff and Students or Other NPCs.

(Non-mutants should not be used.)


Villains (individuals and groups) should only be listed under the Villains category.

(Mutants and Non-mutants should not be used).


Player Characters

Images for a character's wiki page should be 300px high x 250px wide or thereabouts.


Images for a NPC's wiki page should be 250px x 200px or thereabouts.