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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the NPC. For other uses, see Jacob Lowenstein.

Adam Lowenstein
Portrayed by K J Apa
Known Aliases: Arcade
Affiliations: Individual
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Ready or Not

Lets make sure we're one hundred percent clear of our patsy. Plant some pain pills in his apartment, add some Nazi shit to his Facebook. Maybe a couple of harassing emails to Zoe Quinn just for good measure."

Nephew of the previous Arcade, Adam Lowenstein is an online entrepreneur with a sadistic streak.


Name: Adam Lowenstein

Aliases: Arcade

Affiliation: Self

First appearance: April 7, 2018

Family: Jacob Lowenstein


Adam Lowenstein is the nephew of Jacob Lowenstein, the criminal genius behind the Muderworld criminal empire as well as his own Excelsior corporation and holdings. Like his uncle, Adam is a genius, although his talents skew to coding, VR technologies and nanotech as opposed to his uncle's robotics and cyber-technology. Also, like his uncle, he possesses a deep streak of sadism and sociopathy, although in his case, unhampered by his uncle's few moral absolutes.

A child of the internet, Adam was a master of trolling, edge-lording and 4chan inspired cruelty as a young teen, which grew with his prodigious technical abilities. His contempt for others, alongside his greed, has already allowed him to parley funds under from earlier hacking and manipulation of crypto-currencies into a reasonable amount of venture capital. Unlike other venture capitalists, Adam worked as a virus in the system, using their funds to pay for the developments he wanted while simultaneously setting the company down a path towards ruin. Adam usually extricated himself and his gains just before the fall (whether through scandal, bankruptcy or criminal charges) and bought anything left at bargain prices after. He has framed pictures on his wall of the tech executives that have committed suicide as a direct result of his actions to ruin them.

Unknown to him, his uncle made his plans to retire, moving most of his assets into legitimate areas but keeping the structure of his criminal enterprise intact. He had been watching Adam's work at Diskrom game company and based on the outcome, decided whether to gift his nephew with his criminal empire as the new 'Arcade'.

Adam's role in Ready or Not was as agent provacateur - he provided the disgruntled employee, Marcus Seed with the resources to go ahead with his plan, as well as stoking his resentment into full-blown paranoia.


None - baseline human.


Ready or Not


PB: K J Apa

Socked by: Dex