Casa Dulce Casa

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Casa Dulce Casa
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Dates run: October 13-17, 2004
Run By: Kate
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Oh, come on, Espinosa. You grew up here. You seriously think anyone cares about this place?

Angelo goes back to his roots.


Angelo Espinosa, Nathan Dayspring, Paige Guthrie

NPCs: Miguel Torres


October 13, 2004

Plot Summary

After seeing a news story about disruption to building projects in a certain area of LA and recognising those thought to be responsible, Angelo makes the decision to go back and face up to his past, more than a year after he left, in the hope of doing some good for his old home. He invites Nathan and Paige to go with him, and both agree, despite their reservations.

When they get there, they don't waste any time seeking out the kids in question, helped by Angelo knowing exactly where to look. While it doesn't end in repentance and pleas for forgiveness, it could go a lot worse. There's no violence and some progress is achieved, seemingly persuading the kids to at least rethink what they've been doing.

After the confrontation, Angelo heads for the local cemetery and says a couple of final goodbyes.

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Casa Dulce Casa


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This plot introduced Miguel Torres, brother of a girl Angelo once dated, though this fact is not mentioned by either during their meeting.

The plot also marked Angelo's last visit to Los Angeles to date, and it doesn't seem likely that he'll ever return, except perhaps for an X-Men mission should one arise.


Plotrunner: Kate