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Cat Scratch Fever
Cat Scratch Fever.png
Dates run: May13-15, 2017
Run By: Sam
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I don't want to hurt anyone. Listen to me, do what I say, and you all can go to your families tonight.

X-Factor finds itself on the trail of a missing boy after his father holds up a bank with two of its members inside.


Alex Summers, Lorna Dane, Quentin Quire, Hope Abbott, Susan Storm, Warren Worthington

The Bush Family - Randy, Addison, and Collin


May13-15, 2017

Plot Summary

Alex and Lorna are in Salem Center doing errands, and during a stop at the bank find themselves in a hostage situation. The man rushes into the bank brandishing a gun and shouting for everyone to get on the ground, and shoots a security guard in the leg when he tries to stop him. Lorna and Alex get down obediently, not wanting to try and fight the man and reveal themselves as mutants.

The man - Randy Bush - isn’t after money, however - his son Collin, a visible mutant, has been missing for three weeks, and the SCPD has done nothing to find him due to his genetic status (they claim to be looking, but Randy believes they aren’t trying hard enough). Randy’s plan is to use the hostages to force the police to put real effort into finding his son.

Alex and Lorna suspect that this will only hurt his cause, however, and step in to try and talk him down. Lorna demonstrates her mutation for him (on the downlow and with Alex blocking anyone else in the back from seeing her) to prove that they’re friendly, and tell him they know people who can help him find his son. With the promise that X-Factor will assist, Randy surrenders peacefully to the police.

The next day X-Factor gets to work, speaking to Collin’s mother and friends and visiting Randy in jail to find out about his movements in the days prior before his disappearance. After needling one friend, they find out that Collin felt guilty for the trouble his mutation caused his parents (their house was constantly being vandalized, anti-mutant pamphlets shoved in their mailboxes and taped to their doors), which leads X-Factor to suspect that the boy’s run away - which if that’s the case, he can’t have gotten very far.

They finally find him in the city, sleeping on a bench in Central Park, and convince him to come home after telling him the lengths his father went to to find him.

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Plotrunner: Sam

Ben, Eva, and Zoila socked Randy, Addison, and Collin respectively.