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Sometimes people's creativity overflows past the confines of the game. Check out the results, be they alternate histories, unposted logs, behind the scenes drabbles or artistic daubings.



(incomplete - there's still lots of drabbles out there to be added!)

Arranged by author:

Alicia, Cora, Frito, Jazz, Kate, Nute, Redhawk, Rossi, Seraph, Tapestry, Willow.

Reader pieces:

Fan Drabbles

Longer Pieces/Series

Beginnings (Kurt Wagner) by Rossi

Coffee And Cake (Kurt Wagner) by Rossi and Kate

Sin (Kurt Wagner) by Rossi and Kate

The Heist ( Domino and Yuriko) by Alicia and Redhawk

Oops, I Know What A Girl Wants, So Show Me The Meaning Of Being Dirrty (Shinobi Shaw) by Lauren and Hilory.

Milk Run (ensemble) by Nute

Pro Bono ( Domino) by Alicia

Asian Tigers, part 1 of 3 (Nathan Dayspring and The Pack) by Alicia

Angels Weep (Jay Guthrie/Kevin Cabot) by Ben

Go Tell The Spartans (AU - Nathan Dayspring) by Alicia

Bored (Jennie Stavros, Marius Laverne) by Azzy

Over The Hills And Far Away (Nathan Dayspring and The Pack) by Alicia

The Adventures of Lili and Crush by Amy

When? (Dr. Stephen Strange, Agatha Harkness) by Jen

X-Project 2015

A series of scenes written projecting ten years into the future.

Kyle 2015 by Frito

Jay 2015 by Ben

Haroun 2015 by Redhawk

Forge 2015 by Nute

Nathan 2015 by Alicia

Clarice 2015 by Maureen

Catseye 2015 by Willow

Manuel 2015 by Redhawk

Shiro 2015 by Ben

Pete 2015 by Alasdair

Cain 2015 by Nute

Terry 2015 by Sil

Jean 2015 by Cora

Kitty 2015 by Cora

Bobby 2015 by Jess

Amanda 2015 by Rossi

Wanda and Moira 2015 by Jen

Remy 2015 by Dex

Rachel 2020 by Alicia

Lorna 2015 by Sil

Angel 2015 by Toby

Illyana 2015 by Lauren

Jennie 2015 by Azzy

Inside the Actor's Studio

Note from Dex: Something that Rossi and I played with as a potential April Fool's event was the idea of interviews with our character player bases as if XP was an actual production; who likes who, feuds and rumours, what got awards, etc. It's been kicking around my work computer for a while, so I decided to finish it up.

Callum Keith Rennie aka Remy LeBeau, by Dex

Billie Piper aka Amanda Sefton, by Rossi

Alicia Witt aka Marie-Ange Colbert, by Rossi

Brock Lesnar aka Cain Marko, by Frito

Ryan Phillipe aka Doug Ramsey, by Nute


You can also find pieces posted on x_project

Drinks At Harry's by Dex

Marie by Dex

Trainee banner - the first generation by Aisy

Trainee wallpaper - the second generation by Nute

Teen Girl Squad by Nute

New Mutants banner 1 and 2 by Nute

X-Force Wallpaper by Nute

New Mutants 2008-2009 Wallpaper by Nute

New Mutants Wallpaper by Nute

New Mutants Wallpaper v. 2 by Nute

Penance (art) by Al

Gladiator poster commissioned from Amy of Marvel Icons on IJ.

Imperial Guard/Sacrifice poster comissioned from Amy of Marvel Icons on IJ.

30 Days, 30 Concepts by Nute

Genosha Wallpaper by Sam

X-Men Trainees 2012 Wallpaper by Sam

New Mutants banner 2012-2013 by Sam

Adrienne at Harry's by Chelsea Conlin

Evolution Leaps Forward by Mackinzie

X-Project banner by Mackinzie

Plot Posters

Afterlife poster by Mackinzie

Age of Apocalypse poster by Mackinzie

Analog Kid Digital Man poster by Nute

Attica! Attica! poster by Mackinzie

Bedlam Poster by Nute

Bhagavad Gita poster by Andrea

Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart poster by Mackinzie

Capital Turpitude poster by Mackinzie

Clause 16 poster by Nute

Darkness Within poster by Mackinzie

Day Zero poster by Nute

Dead Letter Office - Swiss Connection poster by Nute

Dead Letter Office - We Won't Play Sun City poster by Nute

Deal With The Devil poster 1 by Mackinzie

Deal With The Devil poster 2 by Mackinzie

Don't Close Your Eyes poster by Mackinzie

Fiddlers Green poster by Nute

Fifth Column poster by Nute

Fury Said To A Mouse poster 1 by Mackinzie

Fury Said To A Mouse poster 2 by Mackinzie

Genosha Part 1 poster by Mackinzie

Genosha Part 2 poster by Mackinzie

Great Attractors poster by Mackinzie

Heretics poster by Nute

Joyful Noixe poster by Marlena

Keep The Faith Poster by Nute

Little Paper Dolls poster by Frito and Marlena

Mechanisms of Revenge poster by Andrea

Mortimer Toynbee's Electric Funkadelic Boogaloo poster by Frito

Mummies' Return poster by Nute

One Night In Madripoor teaser poster by Mackinzie

One Night In Madripoor poster by Mackinzie

Poor Unfortunate Souls poster by Mackinzie

Red X poster by Nute

Red X Mission: King Tide poster by Walks

Revenant poster by Nute

Roller Derby Queen by Mackinzie

Rubicon poster by Nute

Satan Claw poster by Nute

Sauron 2: Dinosaur Boogaloo by Mackinzie

Seven Minutes in Heaven poster by Nute

Shiva poster by Nute

Siege Perilous poster by Mackinzie

Sleeping Beauty poster by Mackinzie

The Dark Phoenix Arc poster by Mackinzie

The Grotesque and the Sublime by Mackinzie

The Nowhere King poster by Walks

The Problématique poster by Mackinzie

Those Who Are Dead poster by Cate

Violent Games poster by Azzy

Wonderwall poster by Mackinzie

Zemo Poster 1 by Nute

Zemo Poster 2 by Nute

зимний солдат poster by Mackinzie


Art supplied by various DeviantArt artists and posted to the feedback comm.


X-Project Channel on YouTube

Don't Close Your Eyes by Mackinzie

X-Project vid, This Is War by Mackinzie

X-Project vid, Human by Mackinzie

X-Project vignettes by Mackinzie

Jean Grey-Summers - I Will Break by Mackinzie

Molly Hayes - One Girl Revolution by Mackinzie

Welcome To Genosha by Mackinzie for the Genosha Arc

The Truth, by Mackinzie for the Genosha Arc

Genosha - Oh Death, by Mackinzie for the Genosha Arc

All That I Am by Mackinzie

The New Mutants 2013 by Eva


When Alex Blew Up ( Alex Summers, Lorna Dane, Emma Frost, Scott Summers) by Amy, Sil, Andrew and Jules. (incomplete)

During The Invasion (Sarah Morlocke, Betsy Braddock) by Emily and Jazz

Three Unfinished Logs ( Kitty Pryde-Lee Kuk, Illyana Rasputin- Kitty Pryde, Paige Guthrie- Kitty Pryde) by Cora, Lauren and Aisy. (incomplete)

Cautionary Tales ( Jean Grey and Lorna Dane) by Cora and Sil (incomplete)

Theraputic Kidnapping (Pete Wisdom, Domino) by Alicia and Alasdair (incomplete)

Theraputic Kidnapping II (Pete Wisdom, Domino, Marie-Ange Colbert, Sarah Morlocke, Amanda Sefton) by Alasdair, Alicia, Frito, Emily and Rossi (incomplete)

Feast, Then Ashes (Remy LeBeau, Lorna Dane and Amanda Sefton) by Dex, Sil and Rossi

First Session (Manuel de la Rocha and David Haller) by Redhawk and Tapestry

Bilbao (Manuel de la Rocha, Domino) by Redhawk and Alicia

Cassidys (Sean Cassidy, Theresa Cassidy) by Alasdair and Sil

Lunch With A Princess ( Lorna Dane, Crystal Amaquelin) by Sil and Cassidy


Approved as canon unless otherwise stated.

Take Out ( Jean Grey-Charles Xavier) by Cora

When Scotty Met Jeannie (Scott Summers- Jean Grey) by Alicia and Cora

The Dance Continues (Scott Summers- Jean Grey) by Alicia and Cora

Girl Talk ( Jean Grey-Ororo Munroe) by Cora

Rumblings ( Jean Grey/Scott Summers) by Alicia and Cora

Personal Demons (Moira MacTaggart, Nathan Dayspring) by Jen

The Stars At Northerly Latitudes (Moira MacTaggart-Nathan Dayspring) by Jen and Alicia

Razor: Prologue 1982 by Dex

A Royal Meeting (Pietro Maximoff, Medusa Amaquelin, Crystal Amaquelin) by Alan, Avital and Cassidy

Scenes From A Life (Jubilation Lee) by Seraph with socking by Dex

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