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Welcome to the X-Project Players' Corner! An outline of what's handy to know and where to find it, whether you're a new player or one of the old school who can't remember where stuff is.


Once you're approved and all signed up, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here's where you can find lots of helpful information!

Important Links

  • The FAQ. It seems like a lot, but the pages are broken up to avoid Walls of Text.
  • Timeline, for a quick reference to Phase 2 history.

Reading the Game


Random Game Stuff

  • Add Friends will let you add everyone you need all at once!
  • The glossary, which is helpful in explaining various in-jokes you'll encounter on the mailing list.

Social Links

  • Meme tag - for plot ideas, character discussion, drabbles, fic or cracktastic fun.
  • Check out the X-Project Tumblr, for art, plot reblogs, Moments of Awesome and more!


How to DW

Guides to Using DW


Communities and Friendslists

(must be logged in for these to be useful!)

Add Friends

Accept community invites

Add or remove friends

Friendslist Spreadsheet - check to see if you're up to date (PLAYERS ONLY)


Tired of logging out, going back to the log in page and logging in with a different journal?

LJLogin is an add-on that works with Firefox to make things much easier.

Account Juggler is the Chrome version.

Dreamwidth Status

DW down? Check with downforeeveryone.


A list of all of the places you can find information on specific parts of the game:

  • Game Calendar, with upcoming plots, character birthdays, school vacations and activity checks for PLAYERS ONLY.
  • Comms - the page which explains the various IC and OOC LJ communities and what to post where.
  • NPCs that have either transferred over or have been introduced in Phase 2
  • Villans that have either transferred over or have been introduced in Phase 2
  • Villain Spreadsheet for handy access to what the villains who have been reintroduced are up to and who to talk to, for PLAYERS ONLY.
  • Sockers - modsocks, sockerlists, and everything you need for your NPC/Villain needs.


  • FAQ on activity levels, how to log and tagging your posts.
  • Remove hard returns or >s from your log.


  • Plots and Plot Arcs for what's gone on plot-wise, including plots that have transferred over.
  • The FAQ on plots, what they are, how to submit one, and what's expected.


RPG resources on Tumblr

Writing resources on Tumblr

Food For Thought on Tumblr - random posts, questions, thoughts etc. that might spawn ideas.

Art Resources - commission offers if you want someone to draw your fave, and art tips for those who do their own.

Magic Resources - magic ideas for those playing with that.

Mental Health Resources - dealing with the brain raccoons.

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