Clause 16

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Clause 16
Dates run: June 3-4, 2009
Run By: Ben
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The imprint of a hand, made in what was obviously blood, decorated the wall.

In Japan as part of his plan to restitute prisoners-of-war, Shiro encounters the Hand yet again.

Part 2 of the Kemono Arc.


Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton, Shiro Yoshida

Walter Lawson, The Hand


June 3-4, 2009

Plot Summary

In Tokyo to offer his inheritance to those victimized by Imperial Japan, Shiro meets an American astronaut, Walter Lawson, grandson of a WWII prisoner of war acting on his grandfather's behalf. The two men got on well and as they left the meeting, discovered they were both mutants as a construction site began collapsing, endangering passers-by. Using their mutual powers of flight, Shiro's fire and Lawson's strength, they prevented a catastrophe and agreed to meet for drinks later to exchange stories. When Lawson failed to appear, Shiro went to his hotel room and discovered it was trashed, with blood splattered everywhere and a bloody handprint, signature of the Hand, on the wall above the bed.

There was no time to call in the X-Men and Shiro did not trust his cousin, the Silver Samurai to get involved without causing collateral damage. However, he did have resources - Amanda Sefton and Wanda Maximoff, in Japan to investigate rumours of a disturbance in the wall between magical dimensions centered in Tokyo at the behest of one of the occult network.

The three were able to track the Hand to another construction site via the power signature their ritual - using Lawson as an energy source and sacrifice - was generating. A pitched battle to get to the top of the tower ensued, flying and teleporting both prevented. The three were able to reach the top barely in time to save Lawson, preventing the Hand from summoning their demon lord, Kemono, into this dimension.

Understandably, the Hand weren't particularly pleased about this.

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Trivia and Meta


Amanda was not amused to find the expression of Tokyo's magic was tentacles. It was also the first time she deliberately tried to teleport, although the attempt was unsuccessful.

Wanda bought Jake Gavin a souvenier from her trip, only to discover he had bought her the exact same thing from his.


Plotrunner: Ben

The cut text quotes come from the actual Japanese Clause 16, which relates to repatriation to prisoners of war.