Do I Know You?

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Do I Know You?
Do I Know You.jpg
Dates run: November 1-4, 2015
Run By: Ben
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Your parents wanted to hurt you. This whole thing was them trying to strip away an important part of yourself, that makes you special. But we can prove them wrong.

A telepathic accident results in four minds being trapped in the body of a young girl in Quebec with no way to call for help.


Quentin Quire, Gabriel Cohuelo, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Wanda Maximoff

Daniella Gauthier, Raymonde Belmonde


November 1-4, 2015

Plot Summary

Daniella Gauthier, a 15-year-old girl from Saguenay, Quebec, recently manifested her mutant power of long-range telepathy/astral projection and, like most psis, struggles to control it and hold onto her sanity. Fearing for her health and safety, her religious fundamentalist parents take her to the local clinic that is loosely affiliated with their church. The doctor recommends an experimental lobotomy. Despite Daniella's initial refusal, her parents cow her into formally consenting. Terrified, Daniella psychically reaches out, although the effort exhausts her, and psis across the Western Hemisphere only briefly sense her presence.

As preparations are underway the morning of the procedure, she's pumped with sedatives and restrained to her bed. As the drugs take effect, she reaches out again, and this time, someone reaches back: Quentin Quire. It's a reflexive move on his part but it's a newbie mistake; they are two wildly powerful but untrained telepaths relying on instinct. As Daniella retreats to her own body, she pulls Quentin with her. Quentin, terrified himself, reaches out for something to hold onto so he doesn't get swept out to sea, but only ends up linking with the three people physically closest to him: Wanda, Gabriel, and Jean-Paul. He pulls them to Daniella with him. So now four foreign minds inhabit the body of a terrified 15-year-old girl about to undergo major and possibly debilitating surgery, and Daniella herself is nowhere to be found.

The four mutants agree to work together to free her and get somewhere safe so they can contact Xavier's for an extraction and hopefully recovery. Wanda and Gabriel pick the lock that holds Daniella to her bed and they stealthily sneak out of the hospital, only arousing the doctors' and guards' suspicions when they get out the door. Jean-Paul navigates them through the city, and on the way, they discover that Wanda's powers and the spell that protects her from Chthon muck up electronics, so they're unable to call or electronically message anyone at the mansion or even use any newer car.

Jean-Paul directs them to an old FLQ hideout where they can safely spend the night. The next morning, Jean-Paul recommends making the 5ish-hour drive southwest to Montreal, where they can ask Raymonde Belmonde for help. They steal and hotwire an old truck, but it's not a simple drive; Daniella's parents have contacted the authorities to declare that their minor daughter had run away and could be in danger, and the group is nearly apprehended by the RCMP a couple of times before they finally make it safely to Montreal.

There they find Belmonde and convince him that they are who they say they are, on their behalf, he goes through his contacts to reach Xavier's, who send Clarice to retrieve them. Proximity to Wanda's body (which had been moved down, along with the other three, to the medlab for observation) weakens the chaos aura around Daniella, and with Xavier's help, Quentin manages to access his telepathy and safely delve deeper into Daniella's psyche. The four coax her out of hiding and then Quentin successfully sends them all back to their own bodies. They also help Daniella relocate to somewhere safe via the Mutant Underground and everything is actually a happy, barely traumatic ending for once. Go team. Except, of course, when the proper authorities are alerted and go to investigate and find that Daniella's family and the doctor are gone without a trace. Dun dun dun.

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Gabriel let it slip to Quentin that he's not as old as he seems, but the telepath agrees to keep his secret.


Plotrunner: Ben

This plot was inspired by (and in places, blatantly ripped off from) the Netflix show Sense8. Log titles are names of episodes and log cut tags are favorite quotes.

The plot image is by Cat Higgott.