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Josephine Sarcina
Portrayed by Moira Kelly
Known Aliases: Infectia, Emmentine Coli, Erica Bradley
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By:
Introduction: Infectia (plot)

Selfish and spoilt, Infectia's power to literally turn men into thralls backfired when she tried it on a mutant - Hank McCoy. After spending four years in prison for murder, she escaped in November 2009.


Name: Josephine Sarcina

Aliases: Infectia, Emmentine Coli, Erica Bradley

Affiliation: none

First appearance: March 5, 2005

Family: unknown


A young woman in her late twenties, little is known about her background and family and she refuses to use her real name, preferring her 'mutant' name. Infectia was first encountered by Henry McCoy at a medical research dinner. A geneticist, she gave him the alias of "Erica Bradley" and attempted to use her powers to control him. This failed and she was arrested, tried and sentenced to several life sentences for her part in the deaths of at least a dozen men over the years.

Infectia is somewhat cowardly and immature, only seeing her actions in terms of how she is benefited. She refused to acknowledge that she had indeed murdered innocent men, contending that she'd only needed them to do what she wanted. Whilst in prison, Infectia concocted a means of exacting revenge on those who had thwarted her, sending three 'gifts' to those involved in 'wrecking' her life. The parcel intended for Hank was intercepted by Marius Laverne, on punishment detail in the medlab, and the resulting contamination of himself and Theresa Cassidy by Infectia's biological agent resulted in both teens's powers going out of control. A second parcel addressed to Madelyn Bartlet was intercepted by Forge, and a third, intended for Remy LeBeau, managed to wind up at the X-Force brownstone and resulted in a week-long quarantine lockdown.

In November 2009, after getting her hands on a Kick inhaler meant for one of the Magnetic North members as part of an escape plan hatched by their members still free, Infectia staged a mass break-out and riot during a transfer of mutant prisoners to a new facility, the power-enhancing drug allowing her to spread her spores without physical contact. She disappeared in the chaos and is currently at large.


Can psionically scan and visualize the molecular structures of living things, including her own, and then rearrange their physical forms by infecting them with a biological agent carried in her saliva. In ordinary humans this results in them being shaped into golem-like creatures with enhanced strength and increased resistance to damage. In mutants, the results are somewhat more unpredictable, usually affecting the target's powers.


Infectia (plot)

Vitiation (indirectly)

Voices Carry (indirectly)

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak (indirectly)


Socked by:

PB: Moira Kelly (season 1 The West Wing)

Based on the comic canon Infectia