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By request of the previous player and/or mod decision, the Phase 1 version of this character is not available for applications. They are available as a new Phase 2 version only. If you have questions, check the FAQ on applications, or feel free to contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier - Deceased
Portrayed by Carla Gugino
Codename: Aurora
Affiliations: None
Birthdate: May 26, 1970
Journal: le lien
Player: Available for applications

After disappearing for several years, Jeanne-Marie resurfaced at Xavier's, seemingly lucid and seeking her brother. She since accompanied him to Muir Island Research Facility to work on their powers and to assist him in his recovery from psychic torture. When he left, she remained behind. She was lost during the Dark Phoenix Saga in 2015.


Character Journal: x_aurora

Real Name: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

Codename: Aurora

Aliases: Jeannette Martin (an alias adopted briefly while in the most recent psychiatric ward)

First Appearance: September 11, 2004

Date of Birth: May 26, 1970

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Citizenship: Canadian

Relatives: Jean-Baptiste Beaubier (father, deceased), Melisande Beaubier (mother, deceased), Jean-Paul Beaubier (twin brother)

Education: High school education

Relationship Status: Single, formerly engaged to Walter Langkowski

Occupation: Unemployed

Team Affiliation: None, former member of Alpha Flight



When Jeanne-Marie was two years old, her parents were killed in an automobile accident and she was subsequently separated from her twin brother, he sent to live with relatives who could only afford the burden of one child and she sent to Madame DuPont's School for Girls in Laval. A school of staunch religious standards and relative isolation, the reticent orphan suffered an unpleasant and lonely childhood. Her distant and quiet demeanor also earned her the scorn of her peers and she was seen as an easy target for teasing and frequent ridicule. At the age of thirteen, pushed too far by her circumstances, she attempted to suicide by throwing herself from the roof of the academy. However, the act did not lead to her demise, but rather the discovery of her mutant abilities which, at the time, she believed to be a divine gift from God.

When she explained what had happened to the Mother Superior, however, she was severely reprimanded for her "blasphemy" and beaten. The shock of the events and her inability to cope with their results triggered a dissociative identity disorder in the girl which bore a second persona that would become known as Aurora and which was everything Jeanne-Marie was not: extroverted, confident and wholly liberated. Under the influence of this new mind, she disappeared for three days, experiencing life in a way she had never imagined possible. When she returned to school, she had no memory of what she had done or where she had gone. The severe discipline she received for this action forced her second personality intro repression, where it would remain for the next six years. She went on to graduate and take up work at Madame DuPont's without any sign of her other self beyond the occasional dream. She was nineteen years old when she began to lose control again. Convinced by friends to come out and experience the nightlife, the seemingly simple event coaxed her second self out anew and she departed from her stable existence, living a few sorted days in Montreal before an attempted mugging (thoroughly thwarted by the use of her powers) brought her to the attention of Wolverine. The fellow mutant introduced her to James Hudson, who wasted little time in recruiting the woman to the government-run Department H, where she was reunited with her twin brother, Jean-Paul.

Alpha Flight

Jeanne-Marie was an active member of Alpha Flight from its creation until 2004, during which time she developed a close relationship with Walter Langkowski and was notorious for constantly fighting and reconciling with her brother over a wide gamut of matters, due in no small part to her fluctuating mental state. After a particularly heinous argument with Jean-Paul she even convinced Langkowski to alter her mutation, leading to the loss of a power the twins once shared and causing contact between them to neutralize their abilities.

During the Christmas of 2003 the two had such a severe quarrel they swore they would never speak again. They had decided to spend Christmas together and she had invited their comrade and her then-boyfriend Walter Langkowski to share dinner with them. Neither expected Langkowski to propose and Jean-Paul, suddenly shaken by the idea of being thirty-four, alone and in love with his sister's fiancée, reacted in the only way he could; acting cold, even rude to the newly betrothed pair. Devastated, hurt and appalled that her brother, who meant so much to her, could not be happy on such an occasion, Jeanne-Marie lashed out angrily and a fight erupted that lead to Jean-Paul's departure and the seeming severance of their relationship.

This revelation was too much for her and led to further mental deterioration beyond her condition and frequent arguments between herself and her new intended. Their engagement ended and, suddenly alone, Jeanne-Marie found herself overwhelmed by her world and bordering on suicidal. Her increasingly erratic dissociative identity disorder did not help matters either. Thinking it was for the best, Langkowski checked her into a mental institution, but it was not the recuperative environment he had hoped for. In the care of a doctor more concerned with keeping such a powerful mutant successfully contained and orderlies who had no qualms with controlling her with considerable violence, Jeanne-Marie found herself on a cocktail of damaging medications and beginning to slip further into old problems and a newly developed psychosis. During a brief occasion of near-lucidity she broke free and eventually found her way to Xavier's, looking for her brother.

Living At The X-Mansion

Jeanne-Marie's time at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was short, but memorable. Upon her arrival she collapsed from exhaustion on the doorstep and was found by Sam Guthrie, who took her to the medlab. Her mind, still far from recovery, led her to attack Henry McCoy (who she mistook for Walter) upon her waking and she had to be restrained by her brother. The two reconciled and she spent the next few weeks close to his side. When Jean-Paul departed from the school soon after, she left with him, remaining in the man's care for the time being.

After Xavier's

Following their departure from Xavier's, the twins returned to Laval. What her brother hoped would be a time of recovery for Jeanne-Marie turned out to be anything but. Her condition continued to deteriorate, her mind on the verge of further fracture and her moods unpredictable, often volatile and frequently desperate. At her worst moments she would attack her brother and curse his name, at her best she would apologize and beg him to stay and help her fix what was so clearly broken. Thinking himself to be her last hope after so many other failed efforts and fearful of what she might do if she perceived herself abandoned again, he remained.

After an incident that lead her to, quite literally, kill her brother's cat with kindness, Jean-Paul became reluctant to leave her alone for more than a few minutes, lest she hurt herself. Their codependence deepened and, finally, her brother's smothering devotion caused Jeanne-Marie to lash out viciously against him, leaving him unconscious and severely wounded. When she regained some semblance of composure and realized what she had done she was horrified, but it was too late to do anything but alert James and Heather Hudson to his condition and flee, terrified that remaining would lead to another conflict with an even worse outcome. She left him a note stating that she would find peace with herself now or die in the attempt.

For several months she remained on her own, wandering from place to place and desperately attempting to hold her mind together, with little success. Plagued by nightmares of her violent act against her only true family and the man who had sacrificed so much for her, sleep became infrequent, and her lack of consistent nutrients left her weak. Pushing her body, though unintentionally, to this near breaking point she found renewed certainty in what she needed to do and finally turned her eyes reluctantly back to the feared institution of psychology. She checked herself into a mental hospital in Caen, France (where her wanderings had happened to take her) under a fictitious name. They allowed her to remain for a short time if only because of the terrible condition she arrived in, but coaxed a true identity out of her in short order so as to allow her to become an official resident. Canadian officials were contacted and the news of her location and condition eventually reached Department H. Deciding to keep an eye on her from a distance for reasons of security, they allowed her to stay with the intention of remaining in touch throughout the duration of her treatment. It was also decided that her brother would not be given the information, lest they find their way back together prematurely and slip into the same cycle as before.

Her stay in Caen turned out to be a very fortunate event as, for the first time, she encountered a doctor with the empathy and the skill to properly treat her, Dr. Marcel Le Vau. This fact, coupled with her renewed determination, allowed for a slow, but visible progress in recovery from her mental break and her longstanding disorder, with therapy focused not on eliminating one personality or the other, but bringing them together into one.


Following Jean-Paul's psychic torture at the hands of Taygetos, Jeanne-Marie found their old twinsense resurfacing, allowing her to feel her twin's pain. Forgetting all else, she returned without delay to Xavier's, startling those who had known her before with her apparent lucidity. After a rocky first meeting, she established herself as a presence in her brother's life again, fiercely protective against those who might hurt him, such as Jake Gavin. When the new Alpha Flight team was almost completely wiped out, the Beaubiers remained at the mansion instead of attending the funerals, preferring to distance themselves from unpleasant memories associated with the team.

Along with their twinsense, their original powers also returned, the effects of Langkowski's experiment clearly not permanent. It was something of a shock to both of them to find they were once again capable of generating strobes of light when they physically touched.

In September 2009, upon Charles' recommendation, the twins relocated with Shiro Yoshida to Muir Island Research Facility, Jean-Paul to continue his recovery and for both of them to work on the renewal of their old powers.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Pale Blue

Hair: Black

Other Features: Jeanne-Marie has elfin points at the tip of each ear.


Jeanne-Marie's powers manifested early in her life, but her use of them was put on hold almost entirely until she became more in touch with her second persona and joined Department H when she was nineteen.

Jeanne-Marie has the ability to move and fly at superhuman speeds through the act of channeling excess kinetic energy through her molecules. The binding forces created in this process also increase her durability during these periods of accelerated motion, allowing her to stand the rigors of flight (such as air turbulence and friction) as well as providing her with some protection against high-velocity collisions or physical attack. Her body also uses a similar technique of increased molecular motion, though unconsciously, to fight off the effects of extreme cold, giving her a natural resistance to such environments.

While her outward movement is not constantly accelerated, the molecules of her body possess approximately twice normal kinetic energy at any given time. This speeds up certain involuntary functions, such as her metabolism. Because of this care must be taken to fulfill proper caloric intake and nutrition. This also grants her a minor healing factor and results in medications taking effect and being flushed from her bloodstream more quickly. The same is true of toxins.

Before an experiment that altered her mutation, Jeanne-Marie, when in physical contact with her twin brother, could vary the rate of acceleration of her molecules to release a surge of photons in the form of a very bright light. This same physical contact now results in a stagnation of molecular movement in both twins that strips them temporarily of their powers. As of August 2009, the effects of this experiment seem to have reversed, with their old powers resurfacing.

The same experiment neutralized another of their shared abilities, an intuitive bond that gave them a limited awareness of one another. Under typical circumstances this link had little repercussion aside from occasionally causing the twins to synch up in actions or words when in close proximity. However, when either was under significant stress or pain, their distress could bleed back through the link to alert the other. Impressions of surroundings and locations could also be sensed through this link, though such cases were very rare and always the result of extreme emotional or physical distress. Though dormant for much of the last two decades, this bond, never altered from her brother's side, has been reopened due to Jean-Paul's traumatic experience.



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Formerly played by Aisy and taken on by Kat in July 2009, before she left the game in September 2009. When a new version of Jean-Paul Beaubier was created for Phase 2, the mods decided it would be easier for future applications to retire the Phase 1 version of Jean-Marie.