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Location: Limbo
First Seen: February 26, 2004

Limbo is a hell dimension, formerly ruled over by Belasco until his overthrow by the human girl he abducted, Illyana Rasputin. It is an inhospitable place, populated by demons. It also seems to have a will of its own, and suffers the yoke of its 'ruler' lightly.

By conicidence or design, Limbo is the location to which Illyana's teleportation portals - known as stepping disks - lead. Anyone teleporting with her must go through Limbo first.

In 2007, Illyana was deposed as ruler of Limbo by the demon N'astirh, with the consequence she was unable to use it as a staging ground for her teleportation. She continues to try and regain control, unwilling to leave such a dangerous resource in unknown hands.

Phase 2

Following M-Day a "new" Illyana Rasputin appeared at the mansion. Her history with Limbo would remain a secret until May 2018, when a teleportation accident resulted in several of the mansion's residents being taken to Limbo with her. During a pause in Limbo's attempts to kill them, Illyana told her story.


Phase 1

Limbo (plot)


S'ym (plot)

Bad Blood

The Enemy Within

Our Hell

Phase 2

Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum