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Moment of Awesome - Bobby Drake|Iceman: With nanites invading the labs, Bobby joins forces with Matt Murdock, Natasha Romanoff and Monica Rambeau to freeze them in their tracks.

"Ok, can we fry what's inside here and then, like, lock the door, keep whatever's left trapped inside?" At the very least it'd buy them some time, perhaps. Bobby didn't know much about these things but he was guessing it wouldn't be as easy as simply shutting a door. "I can try and freeze it as solid as possible if that'd help." It was all he could think of at the moment.

"When in doubt, try everything," Nica said at last. "Matt, grab that fire axe over there and start chopping. Natasha and I will work on frying circuits as you separate the pieces, and Bobby can freeze everything at the end. Hopefully that ought to do it."

This was be destructive. Hefting the axe, Matt grinned, "Bustin' makes me feel good," he murmured, turning and opening a hole in the wall so the nanite things could pour out so they could get fried and frozen. Maybe they needed popcorn shrimp after this? Something about this made him think of popcorn shrimp. Maybe he was just hungry? "Think I have a future in construction?"

Natasha scanned the room while Matt was hacking and spotted one of several fire extinguishers scattered throughout the room. She raced over to grab two from their slots then placed herself in a position with clear aim at the haphazard hole being carved into the wall. "Maybe, but you won't win any design competitions."

As the nanites began pouring out, she scattered a few Bites within reach of the wall for Nica to use as an electrical spark and sprayed the fire extinguisher at the ones headed toward them in hopes they'd end up frozen or at least stunned. "We have a few tanks of liquid nitrogen in the back if someone wants to grab them!"

"Don't worry about the liquid nitrogen, I've got this," Bobby said. He raised both arms and closed his eyes, drawing in his energy before letting it flow out of him, quickening the stream to a torrent and then an all-out avalanche of cold. He hadn't drained himself like this in some time, and he fought to drop the temperature as low as he could, covering every inch of the room in ice that grew whiter and thicker before their eyes. It looked like it was working, but he couldn't tell from the snow and ice flying through the air. It would slow them down at least.

Today in XProject:

October 24


2004: Scott comes close to resigning from the school. Manuel apologises to Amanda for his reaction to her windfall and it's a close thing as to whether she forgives him. Marie-Ange and Nathan write a primer on precognition. Scott and Alex go to Hawaii. Madelyn proposes an informal mentoring system to get the students' trust back.

2005: Nate checks on Rahne. Both Forge and Kyle have STD testing after their respective encounters. Jean and Tommy talk about his future, but he's not too hopeful about it. Stoker and Stalkers: Vlad continues to watch Kitty and discovers Jamie is her boyfriend; he isn't pleased.

2006: Operation: Flesh Mechanic: The Snow Valley team arrive in Russia, where they discover strange things are happening that could involve an old Soviet weapons program; splitting up, they try and discover what is behind the sudden manifestations and attacks on various sites; Wanda and Amanda investigate mystic causes, while Doug and Mark go through the media. Laurie checks up on Tommy, acting on Yvette's behalf whilst she is gone. Shiro and Forge discuss Shiro's drug problem. The Gates: Elpis gets permission to go to Prague to investigate the ghetto in person.

2007: Wanda posts from the conference about having too much fun. Laurie complains about having to study poetry in class. Amanda goes to surprise Angelo for lunch and runs into Jay on the way. Thirteen Days: Val Cooper comes calling in a most unexpected manner, and with serious news of Magneto's latest exploits - the hijacking of an orbital space station which controls a satellite-based laser weapons system; the team is alerted; Forge and Scott discuss ways of getting them to the space station; various residents comment on the helicopter landing on the front lawn; Doug alerts Snow Valley to the issue, having access to the X-Men comm still; the decision is made to evacuate the school as a precautionary measure; Kevin is unhappy with the lack of specific information and accepts an invitation to join the other students at Angel's father's house; Doug emails Mark about wanting to make silly jokes about space lasers; Angelo and Nathan discuss what those who go will be risking; Angelo goes to tell Amanda what is going on, as she's been offline all day; Remy assigns tasks and people try to contact Wanda in Washington; Pete arranges for Emma's jet to bring Wanda back, when she is found. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet emails several people about what happened between her and her brother, the first Marius. For unknown reasons, Jay decides to sleep in Kevin's bed, and there's an awkward scene.

2008: Laurie announces her absence for the weekend. Laurie emails Kyle and gets an automated response, and Yvette, who replies coolly. Day Zero: Cain announces another New Mutants trip, this time to New York over night for emergency relief training; Karolina refuses to go and gets grounded and later sneaks out the flies to New York to meet with friends. Tabitha emails Scott about vacation time.

2009: Kyle recruits Dori to help him with the grocery run and they wind up at Count Donutula's afterwards. Yvette says hello to the new students and the returning staff. Cammie takes Kurt and Catseye back to her adoptive parents' house for her birthday; Cammie and her father have a talk that turns out to not be as serious as they'd expected.

2010: Still moping over the lack of communication from Terry, Bobby spends the night at Amanda's and a play-sparring session in the Danger Gym results in a broken ice slide and an almost-kiss that Amanda firmly squelches.

2011: Wade emails Amanda, thanking her for the choice of Stonewall for the Halloween party. Meggan and Sarah V. compare Halloween costumes. Yvette asks Laura for help with her costume idea and fashion in general.


2013: Rachel calls Angelo from Muir, frustrated with having to make decisions about the future.

2014: Sooraya texts Angel and Yvette about hanging out that night. Yvette apologizes for leaving the Danger Room in a mess. Tandy goes to Angel to talk about her fake boyfriend and needs expert advice. Adrienne announces she is now in charge of X-Factor Investigation. Jean texts Adrienne that she is sorry about airing out her feelings and that the recent mission has hit her harder than she thought.

2015: Jennie and Clint finish moving out of Clint’s old place with a toast. Emma helps piece Rogue’s fractured brain back together again.

2016: Jubilee challenges all comers to “Ruler of the Lake (™)”.

2017: Jubilee lets X-Force know she’s going dark to deal with some issues with the triads.




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  • Arc: Arise, X-Man: Laurie Collins goes on a quest to replace what she has lost.

  • X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel: The Brotherhood of Mutants resurfaces with an attack on a government facility.

  • Tayammum: One X-Man deals with the consequences of a mission.

  • Potomac Calls to Chesapeake: Rains of seaweed and frog spawn, damaged property and improbable drownings on dry land - what is going on in Baltimore? Team Magic go to investigate and discover the city is rather... crabby.

  • Monster Mash: It's Halloween at the mansion, which means ANYTHING can happen. And this time is no exception.

  • The Colour of Horror: The mansionites rally in the aftermath of Halloween to save the artifacts from Avalon before everything is lost.

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