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MoA Bevatron.png
Moment of Awesome - Jean-Phillipe Colbert/Bevatron: Last man standing of an X-Men mission to stop the Brotherhood of Mutants destroying a government facility, Bevatron faces some hard truths from his old mentor.

The Frenchman could feel numbness in his fingertips, and black crept in at the edges of his vision. But just when it felt like unconsciousness would take him, the pull eased off. 'If I was permitted, you would be dead,' Senyaka had said. Jean-Phillipe wasn't sure if that was better, given his current state. Somehow, he kept his feet, even though it looked like a light breeze could knock him over. He refused to kneel. "I would not-" he panted. "-expect you to understand, Suvik." He chuckled raspily. "You love nothing but yourself and the pleasure you get from others' pain."

"Bevatron. You disappoint me. You used to accept a wide range of attitudes." Magneto said, hauling a shackled and blinded Cyclops behind him through his powers. "I failed you, ultimately. Finding you here. Defending... what they have asked you to defend. You're so much better than that."

This was almost note for note the sort of nightmare that still occasionally woke Jean-Phillipe at night. Scott at Erik's mercy, and him unable to effect any sort of impact on the situation. Senyaka standing to one side looking as though he had just achieved release was an unwelcomely disgusting addition, to be sure. "Erik." If the only thing he had was his words, so be it. "You did not fail me. You taught me many things about my power and myself. But not everything."

"No, not everything. If I had, you would be standing with me today. Not defending... this." Magneto waved at Senyaka. "Bring him forward. Let's show Bevatron what the X-Men had him defend."

Magneto waved his arms as Jean-Phillipe was shoved forward. Walls and floors shuddered only Erik's power and he began to violently peel them away, tossing them to one side as he tore deeper and deeper into the facility. Finally, he pulled back his hand, and through his powers, three massive twenty foot tall robots were pulled into the air in front of them. They were bulky and shutdown, but the lines and shape were unmistakable. Sentinels.

"This lab you fought so hard to protect is producing robots with one purpose: to identify, hunt and eliminate mutants. This US government facility is creating weapons of genocide that its own government claims publicly are illegal. This is what your leaders sent you to defend, Bevatron."

Jean-Phillipe shook his head. Not that he disbelieved that the American government could build these sorts of machines. But the other implications... "Erik, if you truly believe that Scott Summers would knowingly bring X-Men to defend a facility creating these...monstrosities...then you do not understand him the way I know you do." It was possible Coulson had known, but from his brief interactions with the man, and his willingness to work with Clint Barton and others from the mansion, he doubted that as well.

"Oh Bevatron. Your excuse is that your leader defended a genocidal program because they didn't know? Does that kill less mutants? How many do they sacrifice for their hubris." Magento shook his head. "I'd hoped you had an open mind, but I see Xavier's words have compromised you. I won't support the status quo. I will not go lightly into a genocide for our people. One last chance, Bevatron. Come home. Fight for your people."

"You travel with this," Jean-Phillipe twisted his head toward Senyaka, "filth and you ask me to come home?" If it was just himself, he might have decided differently. As it was, he was tempted, sliding along a knife's edge. "I will not countenance a genocide either, Erik. Do I have concerns with how the X-Men operate?" His voice was ragged, the exhaustion of having been drained pulling at him. "Absolutely. But I can no longer follow the path you tread. I no longer -just- fight for my people."

"I have a husband." His mouth twitched upward in a wry smile. "I would have sent an invitation, but you did not leave a forwarding address. "

Today in XProject:

December 9th

2003: Scott returns from his FOH-related mission. Something Wicked: Betsy confesses to Scott that she is losing time and doing things she can't remember. Angelo moves into a new room and makes an appointment to see Charles Xavier. Doug asks Marie out and she accepts as a friend. Cain has his first therapy session with Moira and he smashes her desk. Doug helps track down Emma by investigating psychic inhibitor drug orders.

2004: Scott puts Alison back to work, giving her something fun to do. Alison and Madelyn go to talk to the FBI about Alison's stalker, then go shopping - followed by a bar brawl. Manuel and Kyle go swimming, and Manuel discovers that he remembers how. Remy's Eleven: Amanda calls Angelo the night before the raid, and they exchange news. Doug is given a palatial suite at the casino as a high roller, and Forge is put in a suitcase.

2005: In a remarkable act of civility, Catseye agrees to help Marius with a little training that does not involve random attacks (though claws continue to feature). Marius and Tommy finally cross paths, and, strangely enough, find it's something of a relief to talk to someone else still new to the whole mutant thing. After music class, Terry has a request for Alison. But first, dancing pens! Forge comes to Nathan with questions about the book of Askani technology that Nathan left for him. Some questions are answered, more are raised, and an agreement is come to. Safely returned from his harrowing abduction by Lorna and Paige, Scott gets a visit from Marius that has nothing to do with anything. Except for cider. There is a certain extent of cider involved. Catseye rewards Marius for his hard work by giving him a cat pillow. Alison reads Haroun's letter, then decides to go have some Words with the Moor.

2006: Snow wars - the red heads line up against the rest of the school; comments in Yvette's journal lead to Crystal and Kyle arguing about how the other perceives people and Yvette gets upset; Kyle emails the staff apologising and goes to hide in his tree. Nathan and Angelo do some shopping in Oman and discuss various matters. Crystal and Terry work on Winter Ball preparations. Juanita Espinosa and Gail Collins meet and discuss a "parents of mutants" support group. Sofia celebrates her birthday.

2007: Sofia's birthday, and Amanda leaves her a plant. Angelo and Marie-Ange meet, and she is unsuccessful in trying to reassure him about the death prophesied; Angelo goes out and gets extremely drunk.

2008: Julian emails to Karolina to apologise for doubting the existence of the superhero team in the basement. Morgan-as-Manuel runs into Zanne and apologises for being an ass on the journals, and then flirts with (and makes a date with) Amara. Manuel approaches Jean-Paul about the safety of the students and is rebuffed; Jean-Paul emails Nathan, concerned about his reactions to Manuel and is informed the empath was probably projecting, Nathan removes the remains of an empathic loop from Jean-Paul's mind. Amara meets Julian. Jan meets Julian and invites him to the mall with her.

2009: Amanda wishes Sofia a happy birthday, as does Wanda, recovering from her 'flu. Marie-Ange mentions researching strange lights in the sky over Norway in case it's Asgardian in nature.

2010: Amara announces in her journal that HeliX is hosting a Christmas party/fundraiser next week. Laurie complains about being given more school work. Fianchetto: While out and about in the city, Doug gets attacked by an assassin and ends up killing the man; Amanda comments about Doug's appearance in a journal post; Doug informs X-Force about it.

2011: Sarah V. emails Layla to check up on her, given the resurrected critters around the mansion. Scott reports another sighting of the 'pirate mice', one missing an eye and one missing a leg, this time in the garage. Adrienne visits Vanessa with pizza and they have one of their very rambling discussions, including Adri's role with X-Factor and her return to Narcotics Anonymous. Jean-Paul texts Adrienne to warn her of impending lunch kidnapping. Jubilee posts about Remy and Ororo's marriage and other things David might have missed while he was away. Following Sarah's email, Sarah V. and Layla watch movies together and get more physically close than either does normally.

2012: Kyle and Wade clean out the kitchen.

2013: Topaz posts about having lost a book and if anyone has seen it.

2014: Wade delivers an iPad to Arthur with an IM asking if he's alive. Arthur and Haller explore the gaps in Arthur's memories. Matt leaves clint an iTunes gift card as a late birthday present. Clarice posts a picture of her decorated suite. Gabriel posts about how things have been crazy. God is a Gun: Molly discovers a hole in her hat and takes it the adults; Wade is taken out by Bullseye and kidnapped; Scott texts Marie-Ange saying he thinks Molly was the actual target, and finds out he's wrong; Marie-Ange goes to see Doug at the clinic, and they realize they've been making wrong assumptions; Bullseye gives Wade his version of a last supper before they get started, Rogue and Cammie interrupt the party just in time to keep Wade from losing his head. Literally.

2015: Case File: A Better Mole Trap: Lorna lets Wanda know what happened the night before and that she’s recovering; Warren wakes up in the hospital with Sue at his side; Warren posts an update for everyone. Warren texts Felicia to help spread a cover story. Arthur texts X-Factor to see how they're faring after their fight. Amanda texts Marie-Ange, Doug, Jubilee and Scott saying it seems X-Factor found the new world's Sabretooth.

2016: Jubilee makes a journal entry about watching Unbreakable.

2017: Bobbi makes a journal entry pondering what Warren’s Christmas actions mean with respect to her.

2018: Darcy posts a Queen tribute to Chanukah to celebrate the last night. Kevin drops in on Gabriel with booze and disarming honesty as they discuss his reasons for leaving. Terry and Jean meet up for shopping and donuts.

2019: Laurie, in response to Artie, posts a reminder that she is a medical professional and cannot control minds. Clarice asks if anyone would like to join her for cooking classes and condemns the mold growing. Marie-Ange emails Doug, asking him to change her password. Jean updates those involved in her Secret Santa that they have their assignment.


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