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Moment of Awesome - Meggan: Trapped in a typical zombie scenario, Meggan faces the reality of being bitten.

Meggan’s eyes flitted from one creature to the next; then, she saw it. “That way, go. There’s a way through them,” she managed when she noticed that there was an opening in the horde. Even as she spoke, even as she began to move, she looked down at her arm; she was starting to feel numb. The excruciating pain of the bite had, unnervingly, grown almost dull, even as it throbbed. It wasn’t right.

She shook her head and stumbled forward. It also felt as though she was burning up inside; and yet, just beyond that, a deathly chill was replacing settling into her. She was terrified, and uncertain of what might happen next. No, she knew. She knew from what those had become. She didn’t want to be that. She swallowed, and tried to quell the ache that was rapidly settling into her. She bit her lip, and gave a shiver.

All they could do was run.

With Molly in the lead, Coach A followed through the mass of high school zombie goers as the slayer staked, parried, stuck down, and made a gruesome way through what was left of Xavier's Fighting Mutants. Arthur did his best to assist Meggan here, but her deathly paleness against the onslaught of twisted familiar faces was as disheartening as it was gruesome.

He wasn't even sure where they were going at this point. Was anywhere safe? As it turned out... no. They crossed from the newly improved graveyard (once a football field, surely) into the adjacent parking without much incident. Molly was as gloriously ruthless as she was perky. But that last turn from the hallway to the lot proved one step too far: in front of them was poised an equally familiar, horrific crowd.

Arthur took a deep breath. He was the adult here. He had a duty.

"Girls... look after eachother. Get into a good college. Have a good life."

And with that, Coach A tossed himself into the onwaiting horde as a distraction for Meggan and Molly to make their way to safety. The zombies — all mindless, all fixated at this taller, blonder pound of flesh — eagerly grabbed and grappled for the fresh brains. Now was their chance to make it out. The Coach went out with a smile as the girls ran the fastest qualifying sprint he'd ever witnessed. Then he started to scream.

Their run resulted, ultimately in the safety provided by the school itself. The two women soon found themselves through a backstage door to the gymnasium — a room not only protected on each side by heavy fire doors, but also a simple lack of any other living or nonliving bodies interested in old props, chairs, and dust. Their relief, however, was temporary. A pounding soon began to echo on the exterior door. It seems the horde was finished with Coach A.

But a slayer made an excellent doorstop.

Meggan squeezed her eyes closed, as she sank down the wall, to finally sit down sprawled upon the floor shivering. She should mourn Coach’s sacrifice, but she couldn’t when she felt like this. The gnawing, aching void was rapidly growing within her. With each awful second that ticked by, she was starting to mind it less and less. She was, scratch that. She was ravenous. She knew what would make her feel better, if only she gave in.

She turned her eyes upon Molly, the only one still in the room. She could have warned her; instead, one word hissed out of her mouth. “Brains?” It was less of a question, and more of a plea for the flesh of the only person in close proximity. She just needed to get up and latch on, didn’t she?

Molly tried to ignore Coach A's dying screams but failed miserably as she stood over Meggan. Molly's slayer strength was the only thing keeping the door closed, and even then it wouldn't hold with the number of zombies pressing against it, the door rattling with each slam of their fists. The smell of rotting flesh was enough to make one gag. Glancing down at Meggan, Molly made a face.

"I know what I gotta do but I don't want to. Why do I have to do it?" she muttered. She sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I wasn't fast enough."

Then everything — the horde, Molly's poised strike, the very contagion itself — all stopped.

Today in XProject:

January 26

2004: Kitty's parents send her contradicting emails. Amanda is released from medlab and her powers react to Cain. Amanda uses the extra power to heal Angelo, as well as summoning an incubus with Manuel. John is released from the medlab. Jamie outlines his plan to change attitudes towards mutants through the media.

2005: Haroun and Alison discuss Important Dates. Brood: Amanda and Marie-Ange both experience Tante Mattie's teachings.

2006: Doug gives Marius a marrow donation, then suggests DDR as a use for his borrowed power. Alison makes a public announcement of her and Haroun's engagement. Sam breaks the sound barrier while flying over the lake; Cain and Kyle both complain about the sonic boom, with Kyle demanding that Jay shout at Sam for it. Kyle also has issues with a clock ticking too loudly and Doug and Marius hogging the DDR machine. Lorna posts while sleep-deprived and overcaffeinated. Angelo heads down to New Orleans to visit Amanda. Terry sets up a meeting between herself, Scott and Sean to discuss her training. Alison invites Ororo to go to Hawaii with her and Haroun, with Scott's permission. Scott organises a surprise engagement party for Alison and Haroun. Forge gloats about winning the bowling.

2007: Angelo and Nathan butt heads yet again on Nathan taking risks. Marie-Ange tells Garrison she doesn't want to date any more. Minitooth: Garrison meets with Sofia and they go over her profile of Sabretooth. When It All Goes Wrong Again: Haller has an encounter with a telepathic street magician whilst on the field trip; Crystal posts gleefully about the field trip being event-free; during the night, Haller has a strange dream, of a world without mutants.

2008: X-Men Mission: Opera Redux: Farouk meets with Yitzhak Shavit, David Langstrom, Alexei Vazhin and Natasha Romanova, to broker some kind of escape deal for the stranded X-Men, and manages to succeed; the team is picked up on the border and whisked out of trouble; Farouk tracks down the source of the original (incorrect) information about the mutant and discovers a link to the mysterious Kingmaker.

2009: Shiva: North talks over his problem with Wanda, Doug, Marie-Ange and Illyana and it's decided more information is needed on the Shiva program. Manuel calls Morgan to check on her and isn't exactly reassured by the noises he hears. Meggan is excited about the play auditions; Forge emails Jay and suggests he could help coach the hopefuls. Karolina reflects on her continued grounding and the therapeutic benefits of Tetris. Jean-Paul introduces Callie to climbing in the Danger Room. Nathan is angry about articles on a child soldier trial; Nathan goes to Harry's and runs into Kurt and expresses his general displeasure with life.

2010: Jay wakes up to Warren bringing him breakfast and they talk about the previous night and about Catseye. Laurie emails Hank about research opportunities. Adrienne emails Amanda to check on her after talking to Morgan. Adrienne talks to Lex about Morgan and gives him the Talk. Amanda emails Marie-Ange about Nico and the prophecies in her father's book that Amanda didn't pass on. Megan comes across Nico making an energy potion and sneaks some and finds herself needing to fly - a lot; Megan talks in her journal about her bout of flying; Nico emails Amanda about her magic practice. Amanda meets Catseye at the Burger Shack and Catseye confesses that Nico's magic is bad and though she tries to do good things, bad magic comes out of it. Amanda assures her that by Thursday, she'll talk to Nico if the girl doesn't come and see her by then.

2011: Amara has her first day at Elpis and she and Angelo talk about Nova Roma and their parents. Jared complains about his classes and upsets everyone by saying people who like to study are douchbags; Kyle is particularly enraged by the comment; Jean-Paul offers Kyle bacon waffles; Kyle posts about a bigoted records receptionist at his school refusing documentation for his teaching rounds because they are from "mutie doctors"; Vanessa emails Warren about plans to get back at the receptionist. Julian asks Jean if his grounding can be lifted long enough to go get snow tires for his car with Dori. Bobby gets bored and takes Angel with him to play a prank on Hank, who has various booby traps set up against such a thing.

2012: Sharon leaves Haggis out in the kitchen for people to try and makes plans with Layla to learn to make Wiener Schnitzel.

2013: During an encounter with Tandy in their suite, Maddie realizes Tandy has been getting Topaz to drain her emotions during their meetings. Maddie confronts Topaz and threatens to expose what’s going on if Topaz does not confess on her own, but Topaz dismisses her. Maddie emails Haller, Adrienne, Amanda, and the Professor, asking to meet with them. Haller meets with Topaz after talking to Maddie and they discuss Topaz’s powers and the danger of Tandy’s dependence on them, before Haller sends her off to talk to the Professor. Adrienne meets with Tandy after talking to Maddie and they discuss the danger of Tandy’s dependence on Topaz’s powers, as well. Amanda talks to Topaz and offers more support than chastisement. Tandy emails Haller about getting help. Hope texts Tandy about the shouting she heard earlier.

2014: Johnny Storm introduces himself on the journals.

2015: Marie-Ange informs X-Force that they need more people and she is going to write up job offers for Wade and Gabriel unless anyone objects. Warren texts Sue with a baby picture he found of her. Marie-Angel emails Cammie asking her to dress more punk so she can hide in plain sight with her green hair. Jubilee emails Cammie asking her to go shopping. Jubilee emails Marie-Ange to tell her she has not had luck recruiting Gabriel for X-Force. Gabriel and Scott drink together and discuss Jean and Scott’s failure to protect everyone during the advent of the Dark Phoenix. Artie meets the new Wanda.

2016: X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants: In the early hours of the morning, Logan alerts the team to a group of mutants attacking a boatload of humans and the team scrambles; arriving, the X-Men target the Morlocks, who have the upper hand, but not for long; just as the X-Men have things under control, the human “victims” start attacking both groups of mutants, who cooperate to defend each other; with the mysterious uniformed people defeated, Callisto, Sunder and Cyclops check on the hostages, only to find them dead and Callisto accepts the X-Man’s offer of help. Warren texts Bobbi after their time away. Jessica posts Lady Gaga lyrics about boys in cars.

2017: Maya posts a picture to her journal about why your argument is invalid. Doug posts a picture to his journal about an unlikely trio of freedom fighters.

2018: Clea is looking more forward to Con season than getting her college acceptance. Bobbi has discovered a new sport, Spikeball.

2019: Topaz and Kyle do boring paperwork and try to figure out life.


2021: Gabe and Kevin go for drinks and have a discussion about their lives before the last five years.

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Welcome back Emily who will be bringing in a Phase 2 version of Marrow, Sarah Rushman!

Also joining XP's cast of characters will be April Parker, who will be coming in as Tink's second character!

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