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The Marauders
Portrayed by stock photo
Known Aliases: Major John Greycrow and company
Affiliations: Project Tearaway, Sarah Morlocke
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: August 2003

A military unit based at Fort Bragg, the original Marauders were disbanded in 2003 following X2. Working closely with Nathaniel Essex, their connection to the mansion ended with Essex' departure from the school.

First Appearance

August 2003


Major John Greycrow:
Team commander, of Native American descent. For some time he was Sarah Morlocke's personal trainer, helping her with her aggressive issues, before Essex's dismissal from the school.

PB: Wes Studi

  • other members referenced, but not named


Special Forces Unit 23 or 'The Marauders' were a mixed force of mutants operating out of Fort Bragg, developed out of experiments in mutation technology and tasked to mutant response by the military. The unit, which was formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2003, remains classified 'Top Secret' by the military.

The unit's core was that of a Ranger unit, which operated deep inside Iraq borders during Operation: Desert Storm. The unit neutralized the Iraqi genetic weapons program, removing the materials back to the United States. Those samples would later become the basis of a military research project called Project Tearaway.

Tearaway, headed by Nathaniel Essex, was an effort to see if mutation could be replicated in non-mutants. The team was able to develop a limited success, able to graft diminished versions of existing mutations into candidates that fit very specific genetic requirements. Ultimately, the project was finally terminated due to the low success rate and the high percentage of negative side effects on volunteers. The project did produce ten subjects which were transfered into a specific training program and eventually formed into a Special Forces unit.

The commander of the Unit was Major John Greycrow, ironically the man who led the Ranger team that captured the genetic samples in the first place. The group operated in several conflicts, including Bosnia, Kosovo, and Somalia over the next ten years, almost exclusively used to counter potential mutant threats by rival forces.

Following the events in X2, the decision was made to formally disband the unit. Most of the former Marauders have retired from active service, but still remain in regular contact with the armed forces.


X-Men Mission: Hotel Saragarhi


Socked by: Dex