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Gabriel Cohuelo returned from his intelligence gathering in Asia in time for another mansion wedding; Jean-Phillipe Colbert and Angelo Espinosa finally tied the knot. Their wedding was especially colourful as it coincided with the Holi festival and a number of magical booby traps created by Topaz and Stephen Strange which dyed the mansion's inhabitants a multitude of colours and which led Marie-Ange Colbert to offer her fashion coordinating services to use the traps as part of the decor.

Betsy Braddock continued her sleeping issues, alternating between insomnia and bouts of sleepwalking. Jean-Paul Beaubier and Quentin Quire indulged in no-ties sex and Tandy Bowen announced her graduation from college.

The new team met officially and christened themselves "eXcalibur, and Topaz began her inventory of their inherited storage dimension, called Avalon. She also posted a series of rules about dealing with it, being one of the few immune to the mysterious and disturbing atmosphere of the place.


Mar 1 - Gabriel returns from his Asia trip. Rogue and Sooraya train in the Danger Room together. Isle of Glass: The science and magic groups try to work together to find a way to deal with a portal.

Mar 2 -

Mar 3 -

Mar 4 - Isle of Glass: Topaz explores her new project and finds some unsettling things.

Mar 5 -

Mar 6 - Reed is conducting tests on the mansion’s atmosphere and recruits an insomniac Betsy who’s been trying to nap.

Mar 7 - Garrison and Rogue indulge in beer and gossip one night.

Mar 8 - Jubilee posts a video of a song that touches her soul called “I’ve no more F***s to give”

Mar 9 - Topaz emails Stephen to discuss Holi and give him some information on the holiday. Alex invites people to go snowtubing with him.

Mar 10

Mar 11 - Nica posts about Spring Break and asks what people are doing. Tandy announces that she is graduating from college. JPC invites everyone to his wedding to Angelo. Johnny suggests a movement to remove daylight savings time. Felicia visits Warren in rehab

Mar 12 -

Mar 13 - Laurie asks if someone would like to join her on a shopping adventure. Ty asks who's responsible for Instagram’s downtime.

Mar 14 -

Mar 15 - Bobbi posts about rediscovering some old college textbooks, offering to donate them to people or the library. Matt texts Clint that they've been summoned by their fathers. Bobby laments his missing of pie day. J-P texts Quentin asking for sex.

Mar 16 -

Mar 17 - Rahne makes a post to celebrate the day Saint Patrick's Day and remind everyone she’s not Irish.

Mar 18 - Darcy questions if anyone's able to bring her in to get new glasses after breaking her current pair.

Mar 19 - Doug posts a buzzfeed link. Sharon announces she's returning to school.

Mar 20 - Jubilee posts her appreciation for the mansion's shared music server. Clea texts Stephen accusing him of setting up color bombs around the mansion. Darcy has a brief crisis about going to school blue. Amanda helps Angelo get ready for his wedding; Marie-Ange helps Jean-Phillipe and the cousins come up with a creative way to incorporate the colour bombs; Alani falls victim to one of the bombs, and Marie-Ange offers to help people coordinate with their new look, if they wish; Topaz 'fesses up to being responsible for the color bombs, wishes everyone a happy Holi, and apologizes to Jean-Phillipe and Angelo for adding extra decoration to their wedding.

Mar 21 - Amanda posts congratulating Angelo and Jean-Phillipe on their wedding.

Mar 22 -

Mar 23 - Felicia posts an instagram pic of her ready for bed.

Mar 24 -

Mar 25 -

Mar 26 -

Mar 27 -

Mar 28 - Sue suggests taking advantage of a warm weekend with a BBQ.

Mar 29 - Kyle celebrates March Madness and invites people to join him - price of admission, one beer.

Mar 30 - Clarice gets nostalgic about music. eXcalibur has their first meeting and the group gets a name; Darcy texts Reed to let him know he forgot the meeting; Laurie does the same for Molly and Clint texts Ev.

Mar 31 - Topaz posts a set of rules for dealing with Avalon, the interdimensional storage space.


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