Operation: Opening Salvo

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Operation: Opening Salvo
Dates run: April 9 - May 2, 2006
Run By: Alasdair
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"Freedom to operate without it being tied back to de school... I have to admit, it sounds good."

When Romany Wisdom is abducted by elements within the British Government, Pete assembles a very unusual team to fetch her back.


Pete Wisdom, Remy LeBeau, Betsy Braddock, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Wanda Maximoff

Romany Wisdom


April 9 - May 2, 2006

Plot Summary

It all began when Romany vanished. Having left her younger brother Pete a message to come looking for her if she hasn't been heard from by a certain date, her failure to get in touch prompted Pete to go looking. However, aware she was dealing with serious occult matters and the British government, he recruited several disenfranchised members of Xavier's School, reluctant to drag Charles Xavier and the school itself into a potentially messy situation. It took particularly fast talking to convince Remy Lebeau to join him, after the actions of the previous year, with Amanda and Betsy being slightly easier to convince. Their investigations took them to London, where they discovered the magical community had gone underground and a definite atmosphere of fear in the air.

After several days of searching for clues, Remy and Betsy succeeded in capturing two of the kidnappers in the act of snatching another associate of Romany's. Whilst Remy, Pete and Betsy went to Lancashire to follow up information gleaned from interrogating the kidnappers, Doug and Marie-Ange, who were vacationing in France at the time, were called in to help decrypt files found on an iPod belonging to one of the men. It was one of these files that revealed a prisoner transfer, using the Metropolitan Police.

Unable to reach the three in Lancashire, the 'Trenchcoat Brigade' as Amanda had dubbed them, the three researchers called in Wanda, in England recovering from her experiences with Chthon as back up and formulated a rescue of the prisoner, who they believed was Romany. The rescue went off without a hitch (beyond some very bad driving from Wanda), but they were disappointed to find they had saved Homily, one-time associate of Romany's and purveyer of toxic tonics.

The four joined Remy, Pete and Betsy in Lancashire, Amanda having the final breakthrough on the train trip there as she went through a list of spells also found on the iPod. On May Day night, they found a ceremony of sorts being conducted on Pendle Hill, a known mystic site, a ritual which would use Romany's blood to perform a general deception spell that would enable the members of a defunct government ministry called the EOE - the Extranormal Operations Executive - to become undetectable to magic and mundane means of scrutiny.

Pete managed to call in a favour from a former contact from his old job and obtained MI5 and police backup. Doug and Marie-Ange remained with the police in order to call upon the X-Men if needed, whilst the rest of the group attacked the ceremony. Amanda, still powerless after the events of the previous November used the cover of the other four's attack to guide the freed Romany to a getaway vehicle, encountering a stray member of the group on the way. The group was rounded up and arrested, however the Parliamentary Under Secretary at the centre of the kidnapping died of a massive heart attack shortly after his arrest - before he could be questioned. Pete's (and the other's) roles in the matter was brushed under the rug on the condition they wouldn't raise a fuss with the Government and kept his nose clean in England for the duration.

An unlikely event in any case.

Later, when the dust had settled, Pete startled with a proposition - join in in creating a team of operatives based on the group that had helped to rescue Romany, with the intent of going after the 'untouchables' of the world. Those who, for whatever reason, the authorities and the X-Men couldn't or wouldn't take on. It was thus that the seeds of what was to become X-Force were sown.

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This plot established the foundations of what was to become X-Force.

Remy succeeded in obtaining the information from the kidnappers they required by threatening them with a bottle of HP sauce.


Plotrunner: Alasdair

This plot saw the return of several players who had either retired from the game, or taken hiatus.