Operation: Red Letter Day

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


Red Letter Day
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Dates run: June 23-26, 2011
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Operation: Red Letter Day

#We have him,# she sent over the switchboard as they stepped around the still-unconscious guards on the floor. #And we are evacuating the building. Let it fall to the ground for all I care.#

When contacts begin dropping like flies, X-Force starts looking at the puzzle pieces and move to reclaim what they've lost.


Remy LeBeau, Ororo Munroe, Emma Frost, Doug Ramsey, Jubilation Lee, Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Carmilla Black

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, HYDRA


June 23-26, 2011

Plot Summary

With Remy still in the hands of HYDRA, X-Force had no illusions about what was happening to him, and when the first contact - Carmen Marina Valina in Spain - turned up dead, their suspicions appeared to be well-founded - Remy had broken under torture and was giving up details of their intelligence network. A second contact - a French reporter - was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft, her most recent work being into Von Strucker's financial records. The third - Lester Maddow, who was retired and living in the south of France - was more confusing; he had not been active for a time and was not working on anything related to HYDRA. Two more deaths and a pattern was finally confirmed: it was one of Remy's old routes through Europe and thus only he could be giving them the information. It had to be a clue to his whereabouts.

With the next target - Henry Stillwater in London - identified, Marie-Ange, Amanda and Cammie went to set up an ambush and potentially capture someone with knowledge of Remy's whereabouts. The point after London on the route was Germany, and Doug and Marie-Ange identified Munich as being the likely place he was being kept. Ororo and Jubilee went to Munich try and gather information on potential locations, while Doug and Wanda remained at the office. It proved to be a wise decision, as Doug received another message from the same SYN who had warned them of the ambush, offering the exact location and plans of the building holding Remy, in return for the utter destruction of the complex, all records included, without any further investigation. It was a difficult decision, but given SYN had saved them once before and they had no other options, a deal was made. Those team members not already in the field were directed to Munich.

In London, Amanda, Marie-Ange and Cammie set their trap, creating the illusion that the whole team was there in order to lure out their foes. It proved successful, with the Von Strucker twins and Swarm attending to the mission personally. Using her link to London, Amanda lured the strike force into the house before setting off a number of explosives and teleporting out. Marie-Ange and Cammie, in the meantime, had set up in a disused factory next door, using a combination of Marie-Ange's illusions and more basic misdirection to draw Swarm into the building. Marie-Ange then revealed the next part of the plan, shooting Cammie in the butt to release an even more concentrated dose of her poison. Swarm's bee-body perished, driving him into shock, and Amanda finished the job by bringing down the factory on top of the remains. The Von Strucker twins managed to escape, but were seriously injured in the explosion.

Meanwhile, in Munich, Ororo's team infiltrated the HYDRA headquarters via the sewers. Their approach was not entirely unexpected, however, with a new player, The Red Skull, intercepting the group. Jubilee and Ororo split off to rescue Remy, leaving Wanda, Doug and Emma to combat the Skull and Lady Hydra. Not an easy task, as the Red Skull proved to be more than a match for the three mutants, with Doug and Wanda both being injured. In the confusion, Lady Hydra was killed by a young girl, identified as Synthia Schmidt - the mysterious SYN of the emails to Doug.

Jubilee and Ororo found Remy in the 'care' of Brock Rumlow. Rumlow, aware he was outgunned by the two enraged mutants, took the opportunity to escape rather than face them, especially Ororo. Remy was recovered, although he was in rough shape, having been tortured over several weeks. He and Ororo went first to Muir Island, for medical treatment, and then to France and Remy's house at Beaumont-Les-Bains, to recuperate.

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Trivia and Meta


The plan to use Cammie as a weapon against Swarm was hatched as a result of a discussion regarding Operation: Sanguinicity and every X-Force member but Cammie having been shot at one time or another. It was decided she should have her turn.

During their time in France, Remy and Ororo got married in secret. Amanda realised what had happened when she met with Remy at Charlie's grave as per their usual tradition.


Plotrunner: Dex