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Dates run: December 31, 2004 - January 1, 2005
Run By: Jen
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"My God, Nathan, is this wha' would 'ave 'appened ta me boy?"

New Year's Eve on Muir Island is more explosive than anyone planned


Moira MacTaggart, Amanda Sefton, Clarice Ferguson, Angelo Espinosa, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Kitty Pryde, Forge

Sunfire, Dazzler, Jetstream, Cable

Proteus, Joe MacTaggart, Leyu Yoshida, MacTaggart Family, Miles Blaire


December 31, 2004 - January 1, 2005

Plot Summary

Following the news of Moira's pregnancy, she and Nathan threw open New Year's Eve celebrations to their friends and loved ones from the mansion. Many of the students and some of the staff accepted the invitation and a party was held at the pub belonging to Moira's uncle Billie. At the height of festivities, however, an uninvited visitor appeared: Joe MacTaggart, Moira's ex-husband. And he wasn't alone - with him was a young mutant with the same reality-warping powers as Moira's dead son, Kevin.

Chaos erupted. Joe unleashed the mutant, who he called Proteus, on the gathering. Those who went up against it soon found themselves disoriented and confused by the warping of reality, and in an effort to protect the students and non-combantants, Moira ordered Clarice to teleport Proteus, Joe and the X-Men present - Cable, Dazzler and Jetstream - to the Muir Island facility itself. Shiro, leaving his sister Leyu in Amanda's care, joined the battle despite orders to the contrary.

Whilst the three X-Men, Marie-Ange and Shiro battled to keep Proteus distracted, Moira dove into the research on her son, remembering there was a type of metal that countered his powers. Kitty attempts to call in back-up from the rest of the X-Men, but bad weather and Proteus' powers meant the signal couldn't get through, and other students busied themselves helping evacuate the centre's patients.

Eventually, Proteus was defeated, the young mutant dying in Moira's arms. It was revealed that he was the subject of an experimental procedure involving Kevin MacTaggart's DNA being grafted onto his own. Essex was considered responsible for his 'creation', being the only person with access to both Kevin's DNA and files, and having the knowledge of the procedure required. Moira's associate, Rory Campbell, disappeared during the melee without warning, and no with no further contact. Joe MacTaggart was arrested and jailed.

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The samples of Kevin MacTaggart's DNA cropped up again in Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans, where they had been sold to Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker and used in his longevity experiments.

Shiro's refusal to obey orders resulted in a delay in him being accepted as an trainee.

Forge was unable to deal with his first exposure to a combat situation, and had a panic attack. His guilt over his 'failure' was something he needed help with for some time.


Plotrunner: Jen