Raymonde Belmonde

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Raymonde Belmonde
Portrayed by Hector Elizondo
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Jean-Paul Beaubier
Socked By: Maureen
Introduction: Different Breed

Former guardian and now current friend of Jean-Paul Beaubier.


Name: Raymonde Belmonde

Aliases: N/A

Occupation: Businessman

First appearance: July 25, 2015

Family: N/A


Jean-Paul’s former guardian and current friend. He is a businessman in Montreal with underworld connections to various criminal organizations but also to the Mutant Underground and X-Corps, though it’s now dormant. He contacted Angelo Espinosa through a mutual acquaintance when it became apparent that Jean-Paul needed to leave Canada quickly and that he needed sanctuary, wherever he went to recover from his physical and mental trauma. Later, he was contacted after Jean-Paul and several friends were telepathically thrown into the mind of a traumatized 14 year old. Once again, he used his connections to reach the mansion and ensure his former ward's safety.


None, but extensive connections with Quebecois organised crime and the Mutant Underground.


Different Breed

Do I Know You?


PB: Hector Elizondo

Socked by: Maureen