Red X Mission: Whiteout

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Red X: Whiteout
Dates run: February 11-13, 2007
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Red X: Whiteout

"And I'm tired of this... This sitting around, while everyone else goes out and does what they can."

Kansas City is shut down by a blizzard, and Red X is called in to help.


Nathan Dayspring, Ororo Munroe, Jean Grey, Kurt Sefton, Marie D'Ancato, Julio Richter, Jennie Stavros, Angelica Jones, Marius Laverne, Theresa Cassidy, Kyle Gibney, Crystal Amaquelin, Danielle Moonstar, Pietro Maximoff, Laurie Collins


February 11-13, 2007

Plot Summary

Kansas City was hit by a severe snowstorm, which created havoc as infrastructure failed to cope with the demands on it. Red X volunteers from across the country were called in to aid in various ways:

  • search and rescue of those caught out by the storm.
  • assisting evacuation and providing transportation to those needing medical attention.
  • clearing storm water drains and then clearing snow.
  • providing food and warmth at supply stations for those needing it.
  • assisting public utility workers to reconnect water (pipes burst in the cold, etc), power and communications.
  • medical assistance to overworked local hospitals;
  • preventing looters.

Things were further complicated by the fact the Dead Sea Scrolls were in the local museum as part of a travelling exhibition. Nathan and Marie evacuated the scrolls (and the party of nuns and priests who refused to leave the holy relics) to safety.

Kurt and Terry assisted a woman give birth; Jennie and Jean worked together to discover a young couple trapped and unconscious in their car; Angel and Ororo used their powers together to clear snow-choked roads and allow emergency vehicles to travel, and then Marius borrowed Angel's powers to do the same after a morning of handing out sandwiches; Nathan and Pietro used a variation of the telepathic switchboard to locate homeless people and evacuate them; Julio used his powers to help clear roads; Kyle and Marie attended at a local animal shelter and Kyle acquired a new pet, a black and white kitten he named Shamu Jnr, in honour of Marie's rescue of the whale of the same name in San Diego. Crystal and Nathan attempted to rescue the victim of a car accident, however the man had been too badly injured to survive; Marie and Laurie stopped looters, with Laurie learning how to manipulate her powers; Crystal and Pietro used their cooperative training sessions to clear snow.

The state of emergency was cancelled evening of February 13, and the volunteers returned home. Media reports the next day praised their efforts.

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Pietro had to wrangle special permission to go to Kansas City, his first actual mission of any kind since his defection from the Brotherhood of Mutants.

It was also the first Red X mission for several new members: Marius, Dani, Julio and Jennie.


Plotrunner: Rossi, socks provided by Sil.

This was the first stand-alone (ie, not part of a bigger plot) Red X mission since August 2004.

Players were assigned a random logging partner for at least one log of this plot.