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Kyle Gibney/Wildchild: Teaming up with Deadpool and Spider-Man to help take down a rogue fiery android, Kyle is not impressed with the plan. Even if he helped come up with it.

"Fuck, it's like a giant fucking energizer bunny on fire." Kyle spat out something grey and sticky from his mouth, more mucus from smoke inhalation, and pulled a black leather jacket on over his tattered t-shirt. "Anyone asks, I've still quit the X-Men I just don't like getting my skin burned off." He already had healing burns, he didn't need any more, they kept his ass from being effective.

"Giving sick burns is much more fun than receiving them," agreed Spider-Man, whipping through the air and landing on the side of a nearby wall. He eyed the Torch, trying to formulate a plan of attack. "No one has any ideas, I take it?" Peter was fresh out at the moment himself, as loathe as he was to admit it.

"I'm just happy I finally get to shoot something," Wade said through the emergency smoke/air filter he'd pulled from one of his many pouches. It wasn't foolproof, but it was definitely nice to've missed out on all the smoke inhalation so far. Handguns loaded and ready, he checked to make sure nobody he liked was anywhere near him, then started firing at the fire thing. He could make out the ting-ting-pop of the bullets hitting their targets, but they didn't seem to have much of an overall impact. "Ugh," he muttered, reholstering his sidearms and squinting. "So. I've got a few grenades. And it'll take me like, I dunno. Two minutes to retrieve a rocket launcher. How're we feeling about that?"

"Well, I feel fucking great about it, but is it gonna get any of us arrested, because most of us are't wearing spandex on their face." Kyle pulled a bandanna from one of the pockets of his jacket and rolled his eyes. "Self, you suck for not remembering you had this." He tied it around his mouth and nose. "Spider-flan, how much can you dead lift, because I might need to get thrown at the fire robot."

"I can lift a lot more while I'm alive, though to be fair I wouldn't really know otherwise." He tilted his head in question for a second before eyeballing Kyle. "But yeah, no, I got you. Just say the word and run at me. Apologies in advance if I break into the song from Dirty Dancing."

"I karaoke'd a dude once as a plan of distraction and attack," Wade said, digging through his pouches. "I'd sing along, but I've been told I'm not allowed to sing ever again -- not even in the shower. Oh, hey, sweet," he grinned. "Here, Spicewalker -- take a few of these with you when you do the loop-di-loop, leave them with Firebrand over there." Tossing Kyle a couple grenades, he finished by pulling on a pair of ridiculous aviators he'd found on the street while all the looting was happening.

"Aw man, why you gotta always be giving me blow up stuff when ima about to get set on fire." Kyle said with a huff. "Right, so, here's the plan, toss me at the stupid flying fire guy. Ima do my thing and jump into the water once I'm too on fire, and then one of you take over, kay?"

Peter just nodded and gave Kyle a thumbs up as he moved to get into position. "Now I've... had..."

"Hate you!" Kyle thought briefly about kicking Spider-Man in the eye as he was tossed. It'd be a gentle kick, an educational kick, a kick of vengence for getting that damn song stuck in his head, but kicking your "teammates" in the face right before they were going to help you knock a giant fire robot back on course was probably a bad idea.