The Caged Bird

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The Caged Bird
Dates run: August 9-10, 2015
Run By: Sam
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You are not here to 'please me' or be subverted. I have brought you here because I need you, Lorna. We can do glorious things together, you and I. Create the world where . . ." He sighed and reached a hand up to gently brush her dyed hair. "Where you do not need to hide your beauty."

Alex Summers becomes an unwitting pawn in Magneto's attempt to bring his daughter back into the fold.


Alex Summers

Lorna Dane, Arthur Centino, Susan Storm, Barbara Morse, Jessica Jones

Wanda Maximoff, Dominion, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Rogue

Magneto, Mystique, Nimrod, Abyss, Katu

Allison Ross, Kara Ross


August 9-10, 2015

Plot Summary

The phone call Lorna gets while she's at work is far from the one she's expecting - it's Mystique, informing her that she's taken Alex's family hostage, and that she needs to be on the next plane to Nevada - alone - if she doesn't want them killed. Lorna, panicking, tells the XFI members who are in the office what happened, and a plan is hatched. They all go to Nevada (along with Rogue in case things go south), and Sue (invisible) goes with Lorna to the house while the rest of the team waits close by. Unfortunately the Brotherhood is quicker - the minute Lorna's inside she's grabbed and teleported away, with Sue hanging on. The rest of the team searches the house and finds Alex's foster mothers tied up in a closet. They tell them that Mystique had been in their home for a month, posing as Alex and trying to find information on Lorna.

Sue and Lorna, meanwhile, have been brought to a shipping dock in Oakland, California. While Sue scouts out the area and lets everyone know where they are (requesting X-Men backup at the same time), Lorna sits down for a long overdue talk with her father. Magneto is determined for her to come back and join the Brotherhood, and Lorna is just as determined not to do so.

The X-Men and XFI teams arrives - along with Wanda, who thinks it's time for a chat of her own with Daddy Dearest. The X-Men decide to act as distraction while XFI looks for Alex, and Wanda goes after Lorna and Magneto. Lorna gets away while Wanda and Magneto fight and finally finds Alex - right as he's about to explode.

The explosion takes out Lorna, Sue, and Rogue (who were unlucky enough to be nearby), and the distraction gives the Brotherhood time to escape. Alex wakes up the next morning at the mansion, and he and Lorna have a long overdue talk about her family.

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Trivia and Meta


This was Alex's intro plot to the game. It was also the first time he learned of Lorna's connection to the Brotherhood.

This was the Brotherhood's first appearance in Phase 2.


Plotrunner: Sam