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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Tom Cassidy (disambiguation).

Tom Cassidy
Portrayed by stock photo
Known Aliases: 'Black Tom'
Affiliations: Theresa Cassidy
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: April 7, 2006

"Black" Tom Cassidy might be a criminal and a conman, but he honestly cares for his 'niece', Terry.


Name: Tom Cassidy

Aliases: "Black Tom"

Occupation: Professional bank robber and thief

First appearance: April 7, 2006

Family: Sean Cassidy (cousin), Theresa Cassidy (second cousin)


Tom and his cousin Sean were usually at odds growing up, Tom's passionate support of the IRA, wild nature and dislike of doing things the hard way setting him apart from the reliable, upstanding Sean. Tom resented the decision that granted Cassidy Keep, the ancestral home of the family, to Sean, when he felt it should have gone to him, but when they wooed the same woman - Maeve Rourke - things got ugly. Maeve married Sean, but given the nature of his work with Interpol, he was away frequently. Tom went into a life of crime, unknown to his family. When Maeve died in an explosion whilst Sean was overseas, it was Tom who took the young Theresa in, leading Sean to believe she had died also.

Tom raised Theresa as his own daughter, poisoning her against her father with tales of his abuse of her mother and lack of caring for his daughter. He truly loved the child and spoiled her, but he also trained her in criminal ways and used her to help him on jobs. When he was caught and jailed, Theresa was reunited with her father and eventually sent to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, but continued to remain in correspondence with her Uncle Tom.

In 2006, Tom escaped and collected Theresa from Cassidy Keep, where she was on vacation, and took her with him. She discovered he intended to continue as they'd left off, moving from place to place, staying in pubs and the houses of 'contacts' and thieving and conning their way. Unwilling to return to this life, she turned him in to the police and he returned to prison, where he remains to this day.




Emerald Isle


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Formerly socked by Alicia